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Citroën's C6, photos

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Here's some photos of the stunning Citroën C6(now sold in China).
Citroën C6
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Building Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Car

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle Tire

Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive parking light

Photos from:
What do you think of it?
p.s.- how do you make the photos bigger?
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More photos

Here's more exterior photos and one interior one.

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive side marker light

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Head-up display
Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Light Automotive design

Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Water

Car Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle Automotive tire

The C6 is full of technology, it comes with Hydractive suspension and many
other features such as optional reclining and heated rear seats, rotation xenon headlamps, many various ammenities, 5-star safety rating from euro-ncap, an "active bonnet" that pops up in the case of a collision with a pedestrian that earned the C6 the first 4(out of 4) star pedestrian safety rating, other safety items like plenty of airbags including knee bags, ESP.
It also has a striking design with its frameless windows, concave rear window, dual chevron grille and its unique shape. :cool:
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Here's two last photos of the interior and two safety photos.
Luxurious interior
Car Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Steering part

Car Automotive design Motor vehicle Vehicle Personal luxury car

Euroncap test
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Active Bonnet
Automotive parking light Automotive side-view mirror Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Other Interior Color
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel

According to the Citroën China website, its price is 639,800RMB- $82,000!(€63,000) That's crazy as in France, its €41,900, which is $54,000 (422,499RMB), but
they're going to launch a 4-cylinder version soon that's expected to
be around €35,000(about $35,000). The price gap is still crazy though! In Japan, it starts at ¥6,820,000(tax included) which is $56,549 or 437,470RMB (how much more expensive can it be to import a car to China than to Japan?!). Suprisingly, in the UK, where BMW and "Merc" charge ridiculous amounts of money on their cars, the Citroën is about the same price as in France.:cool:
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That Citroen is way overpriced for the Chinese market, but you still see plenty of them!

The smallest model (I forget what they name it), based of the Peugeot's 206 sells really well in China, as does the P 206. Great house wife cars.
C6 is one of my favourite cars. I wish I could someday afford to buy one. My father has a Citroen XM (predecessor model) and it's very comfortable to drive.
Top Gear loves the C6 so it must be a great car :D

IMO not as great as my love the Phaeton though ;)
4*real*Made_in_China said:
how much more expensive can it be to import a car to China than to Japan
I heard that until recently there was a 100% tax on imported cars, which was judged against WTO rules and so abolished.
The current import tax rates are, I think, lower, but still probably high enough to account for the gap in prices between China and Japan.
Does anyone know the real numbers?
I remember reading 37%, that was two years ago though. I will look up the correct figures.
i like the c6 very much, it is different and a breath of fresh air. personally i always find French cars more desirable in France than it the UK, could be the british weather and drab surroundings when the big french cars dont look so good. along with the alfa romeo, the c6 is a nice alternative to the 'Common' german makes:confused:
Does Citroen China plan to produce C6 in China? Maybe even with extended wheelbase to compete with A6, BMW 5 and Chrysler 300C.
According to local Citroen Dealership - the C6 will not get produced in China.
The first will come in as imports.
Only if the C6 stands a chance against the strong Audi A6 l it could get the chance to get produced locally.
Through a scource within Donfeng Citroen i got the news that the business during the last half year was going a lil bit low in China and that Dongfeng wants to build up a better image for Citroen in China - but that they need more time then expected.In the meantime Dongfeng wants to concentrate on Peugeot that is still a few steps ahead on the market in China.
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