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Ciwei Auto (Xiamen Sanwu New Energy Auto)

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Ciwei Auto is a project of Fujian-based Xiamen Sanwu New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a former telecom company which is a subsidiary of Xiamen Sanwu Internet Technology Co. , Ltd. (a.k.a. Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd.)

Sanwu (三五) means 35 and Ciwei literally translates as Hedgehog. The logo in fact depicts a highly stylized hedgehog.

On the 18th, Ciwei Auto unveiled a new electric crossover called SMILE (思迈尔). The name is inspired from the smiling appearance of the front of the car. Two differently priced variants, SMILE 1 and SMILE 2, will be offered after production begins.

The SMILE measures 4350 mm x 1766 mm x 1590 mm; wheelbase 2600 mm. It is powered by a 90 kW/270 Nm motor run from a 49 kWh ternary lithium battery pack. Expected range is 360 km; max. speed 145 km/h. As the product of an internet technology company, interactive/connectivity/smart control features are to be expected.

The Ciwei SMILE and Yudo Auto π3 (from another Fujian-based company) are cars originating from a common design template and both cars are technically related; note the similarity in specifications.

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In addition to front and rear differences, the Smile's "C pillar" treatment seems to distinguish it well from the Yudo pi3 model. But both Yudo and Ciwei have that unique arch above the rear wheelwell.
Well spotted, @Lawrence!
Ciwei teams up with Karry New Energy Auto for production of its cars:
Ciwei EV400 is Karry K60, and Ciwei Smile is Yudo π3, according to source. Smile is not found on their website, but EV400 has extensive details listed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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