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Ciwei Auto is a project of Fujian-based Xiamen Sanwu New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a former telecom company which is a subsidiary of Xiamen Sanwu Internet Technology Co. , Ltd. (a.k.a. Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd.)

Sanwu (三五) means 35 and Ciwei literally translates as Hedgehog. The logo in fact depicts a highly stylized hedgehog.

On the 18th, Ciwei Auto unveiled a new electric crossover called SMILE (思迈尔). The name is inspired from the smiling appearance of the front of the car. Two differently priced variants, SMILE 1 and SMILE 2, will be offered after production begins.

The SMILE measures 4350 mm x 1766 mm x 1590 mm; wheelbase 2600 mm. It is powered by a 90 kW/270 Nm motor run from a 49 kWh ternary lithium battery pack. Expected range is 360 km; max. speed 145 km/h. As the product of an internet technology company, interactive/connectivity/smart control features are to be expected.

The Ciwei SMILE and Yudo Auto π3 (from another Fujian-based company) are cars originating from a common design template and both cars are technically related; note the similarity in specifications.

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