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Classic cars in China

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Ive found some old Chinese cars from the 70's and 80's. Beautiful they are, very much like American cars of the 60's (why are Chinese cars always a decade behind??) but everyone is telling me that Chinese cars over 12years old cant be on the road.

Anyone know any different?
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Post some pictures, I would love to see a few of them. :)
Dont have any pictures at the moment - but I have price of one thats not in great condition but not in a bad condition either - 3000rmb.
Hi Chinacartimes, Chinese made cars like Shanghia and Hongqi are made until the 1990s, but also other brands, you can read that in my books. But we really need pictures! Greetings,
Forgive my ignorance, but what does 3000 rmb equal in euros or gold/silver? No point quoting in U$D as that currency will probably decline another 25% by the time i get round to reading this, lol.
Guess this would be a fortuitous time to exchange funds into rmb, year of the pig and all?
bassfisher said:
Forgive my ignorance, but what does 3000 rmb equal in euros or gold/silver?
3000 RMB = 300 euros / 200 pounds / 400 US dollars

This used be true in Beijing a few years ago but now I believe it is 15 years. I tried to register a 1989 VW Beetle but the registration bureau said my car was too old. Every major city in China has different rules about this, imported and domestic. I would contact local police bureau or vehicle registration in your city to get the best answer.

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Chinalewis your first hand experience is much appreciated here. Thank you.

Keep those motorsports updates coming.....
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