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Comparison of two optional cars in the Iranian market

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Jack S5

Jack S5 is a compact truck from China, which managed to attract a lot of attention after arriving in Iran; Because not only is it a similar car to Korea's popular crossovers, but it also has a very tempting price and technical capability. This Chinese high chassis was launched in the domestic market by Kerman Motor Company at the end of 2014. On the other hand, the proper reception of Iranian customers caused Kerman Motor to deliver a version equipped with an automatic gearbox to domestic buyers in 2016.
The Jack S5 was one of the first crossovers to offer an almost modern cabin to its owner for a lower price. The design of the dashboard, and especially the center console, looks somewhat modern and pleasant. The geometric shape of the air vents on both sides of the screen is striking in its own way, and next to the sport odometer design behind the steering wheel, it creates an exciting feeling in the mind.
The exterior design of the Jack S5 is somewhat similar to the Hyundai Tucson, and this has led to it being noticed by buyers in the Iranian market very soon. The headlights are nicely frowned at the top two ends of the front view, and a slim windshield decorated with Jack's star logo fills the space between them. In general, the body design of Jack S5 has been able to shine in front of the eyes of Iranian customers and meet their visual needs as much as possible.
Jack S5 is one of the most popular and popular chassis in the Iranian market, which has been able to reach the market due to its positive points such as pleasant appearance and interior design, spacious cabin, good safety, reasonable amenities, powerful propulsion and extensive after-sales service of Kerman Motor Company. Establish a very prosperous trade in our country.

Quick Plus Automatic

A compact hatchback built like the Tiba or Saina on Saipa's X200 platform. This car is currently known as the most popular Iranianized product of Saipa Company due to its long list of up-to-date options and equipment. All Quick models available in the country's market have a common propulsion with Tiba and Saina, but differ in terms of equipment and options. Different types of Saipa Quick include base type (SE), full (SE-A), plus (SE-A Plus) and type R (ST). Among the mentioned models, Type Plus is the most optional and Type R is the latest version of Saipa Quick.
Among the options that differentiate the Quick Plus Automatic from all-inclusive and even higher-end cars are the following:
CVT Automatic Transmission, Cruise Control, Driver Seat Electric Adjustments, Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Door-to-Door Lights, Voice Control on Steering Wheel, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Button Start System, Car Entry Without Switch, 7-inch touch screen + radio and USB, navigation and rear view camera. So it seems that if you are looking for a compact car with a variety of options in this price range, among the most fully optional domestic cars, buying Quick Automatic Plus can be a good choice for you. See the updated price of this car.
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Never of those 2 cars. They both look great, though.
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