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Confusing message

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I read an article on Since I don't speak chinese, I'm using Google translator and as a result, the article was just unreadable. The first part said that 3 out of 4 cars made in Chine are built through the joint-venture. It said that independant manufacturer started to merge their effort, like SAIC with NAC or DongFeng with Hafei.

Then Google made a whole mess of the second part. It was about FAW, ChangAn, ChengFeng and the word "merging". Does this mean that those three manufacturer are thinking about merging? I couldn't find any other article about this elsewhere, plus I've lost the URL of that article.:confused:

Can somebody confirm that FAW, ChangAn and ChengFeng are thinking about merging?
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I've search through and I found "my" article:

Here it is with Google translator:

Can somebody tell me what's going on?
hi even if as a chinese the article was so complex that i haven't any patience to read it
my english very poor,i just simplely answer your question

the big merge of china automobile industry is going on

shanghai merge nanjing .

dongfeng merge hafei

so FAW will face of the more powerful competer and the pursuer-chery geely,byd

FAW want to merge chang an,but chang an didn't want to merged by FAW

this is just a forecast article full of individual view
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