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Daihatsu to sell cars in China under FAW brand

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Japanese carmaker Daihatsu Motor Co. said today that it will start selling vehicles in China under its Chinese partner FAW's brand from the autumn, as sales under its own brand remain sluggish due to weak brand recognition, Dow Jones reported.

Daihatsu, a smaller-car subsidiary of Toyota Motor, began selling its Xenia compact minivan in 2007 and initially planned to produce 30,000 vehicles a year. But sales of the model totaled 5,100 vehicles in 2008.

Daihatsu sells the Xenia only in China, and produces the model in partnership with FAW Jilin Automobile Co. Daihatsu's slow sales in China is a rare setback, as the country is one of the few fast-growing auto markets amid a global economic slowdown.

The Japanese car company said it will continue with its licensing agreement to share production technology with its Chinese partner.

The Osaka-based carmaker hasn't decided yet whether it will use its own brand again in China, a company spokeswoman said.

July 17, 2009
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Do you know what car models will be sold in China?
Not yet. One of the models is surely going to be Xenia which is already on sale under Daihatsu brand. But Toyota will probably bring some more Daihatsu models to China (Bego SUV for example).
Maybe Daihatsu will bring in cars like the Sirion as a competitor on the small car market. I hve an idea that they might bring in the Terios mini SUV.
BTW is Bego the same thing as Terios? Is it a different name or a different model?
Bego and Terios are the same car. In European, South American and most other Asian markets Daihatsu sells the SUV under Terios name but on the Japanese Domestic Market the car is named Bego.
Daihatsu pulls out of Chinese market

From China Car Times:

Daihatsu was was one of the early players in China, and soon set up shop with local players to produce the iconic kei van, which became the mian bao che in China, then they set about building Charades in partnership with Tianjin Xiali, many of which still ride the streets of Tianjin en masse every day. In recent years Daihatsu hasn’t had much luck in China, despite its early entry into the market it has floundered with a lack of products, and arguably vision in the worlds largest market.

More info:

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., a mini car producer in Japan, announced on January 7 that it had withdrawn from a 50-50 joint venture in China in partnership with China’s FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd.

The Japanese automaker has made such a decision after it adjusted its sales strategy in the Chinese auto market. It will sell all its shares in FAW Daihatsu (Jilin) Body Parts Co., Ltd., an auto parts maker in China, to FAW Jilin.

From January to December 2008, Daihatsu sold 1.033 million vehicles, with a growth of 4 percent from a year earlier. However, its sales and net profit had witnessed the first decline in the past six years. Moreover, the Xenia, the only model that has been made in China in the form of technology transference, could hardly have a satisfactory performance.

The Japanese automaker stressed that it would continue the licensing agreement with its Chinese partners, and shared technology targeted at engines and gearboxes with them.
Re: Daihatsu pulls out of Chinese market

Daihatsu was a pioneer among foreign players in China. It began building the famed Charade-based Xiali taxicab back in 1986.

Later it entered a tie-up with the now defunct Hanjiang Auto, a China Aviation company, building the Atrai minivan. Whatever happened to Hanjiang anyway?

Parent Toyota seemed to use Daihatsu to get a passenger car-making foothold in Northeast China. Now thousands of Toyotas are banged out from the same location that produced Xialis.

Wasn't it discarded Daihatsu Terios dies that breathed life into little Zotye, that then went on to acquire Jiangnan for planned production of discarded Fiats?

And Tianjin Qingyuan has done well converting a Daihatsu Move-based Happy Messenger into EVs for export.

Yes, Daihatsu has contributed a lot to the Chinese Auto Industry.

And it's interesting to note that Daihatsu has a long history of making EVs itself. Perhaps if it had put all its eggs in that basket, it would now be joining global leaders in the vanguard of new energy vehicle production.
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