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Dandong Huanghai

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Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as " Dandong Huanghai") is a joint venture company formed on Nov.22,2002 between Dandong Shuguang Axles Co Ltd and Liaoning Huanghai Automobile (Group) Co Ltd, holding 51% and 49% of shares respect
ively. with large- and mid- sized Huanghai buses as its major products,Dandong Huanghai's main business includes development,designing,manufacturing and marketing of complete built-up buses, trucks,chassis and parts and components. Dandong Huanghai is situated on the bank of the picturesque Yalu River , a border river separating China from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and headquartered in Dandong, China's most populous border city. Dandong Huanghai has a workforce of 3,000 employees, with 578 or 19% of which
being in technical and specific fields. Covering a total land of 500,000m2 including 200,000m2 of production and construction space and backed up by 13 advanced production lines and 1,700 pieces (sets) of manufacturing equipment,Dandong Huanghai has developed its annual production capacity of 5,000 complete buses and 6,000 bus chassis. An up-to-date production line alone, covering 9,212m2 and combining body welding ,painting and interior fitting for nonhexahedron luxury coach, boasts an yearly capacity of 1,000 luxury coaches of different models. Liaoning Huanghai Automobile Group Import & Export Co Ltd(Hereinafter referred
to as I/E Co Ltd) is a subsidiary company wholly funded by Huanghai and represents Huanghai in foreign trade activities including product import and export, technology transfer, parts and components import and export. So far , Huanghai buses have been exported to 20-odd countries.
Based on its 20-plus years of experience of developping and designing buses on its own , Dandong Huanghai has built up a first class R & D team. With a philosophy of "never stop developping and concepting new products " , the R & D team always follows the development trend in large- and mid-sized bus sector, studies and absorbs advanced technology, and therefore takes a leading position in China in terms of R & D. With a variety of models and appealing styling, Dandong Huanghai not only maintains its traditional advantage in public bus sector, but also launched luxury coach of DD6890,DD6115 and DD6123 series in the past two years.A majority of Huanghai bus body is constructed on Huanghai chassis. Nearly 50 professional, Who graduated from prestigious universities and colleges in China, are specializing in chassis design and development. They not only design chassis with various sy-
stems well combined and matched, but also develop on their own key parts like front and rear axles, brakes and chassis frames, etc. With technical advantage in terms of output torque, brake specifications and optional drive ratio, Dandong Huanghai produces in batch rear axles of 8,10 and 13-ton series. With 84 models and body length at between 7 to 12 metres, Huanghai buses can satisfy the purposes of public city transport, tourism, inter city transport and shuttle operations. Product line includes buses and coaches of large – medium and small- sizes and deluxe,semideluxe and deluxe and economy types,which have been sold to 95% of total number of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and exported to 20- plus countries in the Middle East , Southeast Asia and Africa.
Facing opportunities and challenges, Da ndong Huanghai adheres to its motto of good faith,pragmatism,trailblazing and development. By means of management standardization, Dandong Huanghai exercises strict control on design, purchase, production and service in a bid to reduce production and operation costs, upgrade product quality and render round-the-clock service.

Huanghai City Busses

DD6801S03 Medium-Size City Bus:

DD6892S01 Medium-Size City Bus:

DD6105S Large-size City Bus:

DD6106S11/S12 Large-size City Bus:

Iveco bus:

Fulai Xibao:


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DD6107S05 Large-size City Bus:

DD6123S06 Large-size Low Entry City Bus:

DD6129S01 Large-size Low Floor City Bus:

DD6181S01 Large-Size Three axles City Bus:
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Huanghai Touring Coach

DD6952K01 Medium-Size Touring Coach:

DD6103K01 Large-Size Touring Coach:

DD6109K01F Large-Size Touring Coach:

DD6111K01/S01 Large-Size Coach:
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DD6115K20 Large-Size Luxury Touring Coach:

DD6119K Large-Size Touring Coach:

DD6121H Large-Size Touring Coach:

DD6125K01 Large-Size Touring Coach:

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