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Dandong ShuGuang (Huanghai)

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Dangdong Shuguang is located in the city of Dandong and is a part of Liaoning ShuGuang Automotive Group. Other parts of this group are HuangHai bus factory and production of automotive components (gear, suspension, axle). Shuguang was originally founded in 1984. In 2004 Pyeonghwa started ckd assembling of Shuguang's in North Korea.

Capacity: 15000 cars a year

Employees: 378


Corporate website:


Shuguang models:

DG 6471 B (2005- )
DG 6400
DG 6472 "Challenger"
DG 6480 "Navigator" or "Dawn" or "Falcon"
DG 6480 C "Aurora"
DG 1020 -series (2004- ) "Antilope" or "Aolin"
DD 1020 L / DD 1022 D "Plutus"

HuangHai bus models:

DD 6102 - DD6108
DD 6113 - DD6118
DD 6121 - DD6129
DD 6137
DD 6170
DD 6750
DD 6791 - DD6792
DD 6801
DD 6851
DD 6880
DD 6890 - DD6892
DD 6920 - DD 6952
DD 6980
DD 6991


Newest model from Shuguang; Plutus DD1020/DD1022. Style resembles of Chevrolet Colorado. Isuzu -diesel engine.

"Aurora" is a SsangYong Rexton look-a-like. Introduced in 2005.

Dawn/Navigator is a typical Land Cruiser styled SUV


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Aojun DD1020 pick-up

Antilope DD1020/DD1022 pick-up


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I saw an Aurora a few months ago with the Huanghai logo on it. I only knew about the bus manufacturing arm of the company, so I was a little puzzled by seeing an SUV with a bus badge on the front.

I checked the company out and it looks like they're going to produce their own version of the Hyundai Santa Fe quite soon. It's called Qisheng.

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If it's from Shuguang, I'm pretty sure that this new Qisheng will be worth a close look. This is a big company with lots of experience with drivetrains and other auto-related ventures. I think we can expect a lot from this dynamic company.

Maybe for their light truck line they wanted to avoid a brand name foible like "Gonow". They may have looked at the name "Shoe Guang" (Shuguang) and felt that Huanghai (Yellow Sea) sounded like a better bet for marketing passenger vehicles successfully.
I'm not actually sure if the SUVs are being marketed as Huanghais rather than Shuguangs. On the Aurora I saw, there was no mention of a manufacturer. All I recognized was the badge, which you can see on this tropical-theme bus.

Now that I look at Raul's pictures a little more closely, I see the same badge on all the trucks. So the logo may not just be the Huanghai logo, but the Shuguang Group logo.
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the designers and buyers of the trucks have no shame:eek:
theres too many opf these small manufacturers that its hard to keep up with!
Omg , not another manufacturers. There are just way too many, it is really hard for the Chinese government to keep check and ensure quality control . This is crazy
Yeah, the Chinese auto industry is slightly resembling mayhem right now. Just take a chill pill and watch the weaker start to struggle and fall, eh?
New product: Shuguang DD1023/DD1029 "Toyota Tacoma" style.

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Prior to introducing this XiaoChaiShen, or "Little diesel god", Shuguang had used the ubiquitous-in-China, Isuzu-based bodies exclusively. Now like Great Wall, Zhongxing, Pulaide, Tianma, Yunnei, Dong'an Heibao, Nanjing Dongyu, Yituo, and others, Shuguang is choosing to use the stronger Toyota type body. Having long been duplicating Toyota drivetrain components, it appears to have seen an advantage.
Does anyone know where to find good (large) pictures of Shuguang Plutus ?
Information about Aojun DD1020 pick-up

Hello Friends,

Anybody have information about SG Aojun DD1020 pick-up (photos, information about quality, etc).

In my country this Pick Up is sale with the brand EFFA and I think in buy one but I don´t know if this product quality are acceptable.

Thanks in advance and wait for yours answers
Hello glugo.
First let me welcome you to the forum and inform you that we have a thread about Effa Motors:

I think that Effa Pick-up is not produced by Dangdong ShuGuang but rather by some other Chinese manufacturer. I hope other members will help you more as we have some users from South America.
Hello Martin nice to meet you.

Effa PickUp is the Aojun model produced by Dangdong ShuGuang in the first page of this tread are a picture of this vehicle but no more information.
For these reason I posted my message.

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