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DearCC (now Zhejiang Dearcar Auto Technology Co. Ltd. following a shift to Zhejiang) held a groundbreaking ceremony for their independent car/NEV manufacturing plant in Binhai New Town, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. The factory will have a planned capacity of 180,000 units p.a.
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Dearcar acquires Westtiger Auto (Fujian)

Zhejiang Dearcar Auto Technology Co., Ltd. has acquired bus maker Westtiger (Xihu) Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. of Quanzhou, Fujian in February of 2018.

Dearcar will utilize Westtiger's plant as well as production license to manufacture a new line of SUVs. Dearcar will invest about 3.3 billion RMB to upgrade the plant and increase capacity to 60,000 units/year.

Recall that Dearcar is also constructing a large vehicle and parts production complex in its new hometown of Shaoxing. This will be completed in two phases at a total cost of 5.5 billion RMB. The projected capacity of this new facility is 180,000 units/year.

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ENOVATE is a new, high-end division of Dearcar that will launch innovative mobility products in the future. The brand name was launched at the end of July and some conceptual sketches of vehicles were shown earlier. A few renders of its upcoming SUV, yet unnamed, have been released to the press now.

The SUV, which looks rather like a Jeep Compass in profile, has been designed by Hakan Saracoglu, Vice-President Design, who has worked with Chery, Porsche, and Ford in the past.


P.S.: This post may be split off to a separate thread when more information or images become available.


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Enovate ME7

No; in fact Dearcar is now trying to chart a more independent course for itself, looking at its new acquisitions and investments. Its relationship with Soueast, for the time being, is limited only to production/design of the the EV10 or any immediate derivatives/variants.

P.S.: I remember last year reading about a midsize SUV called EV11 that was to be developed in cooperation with Soueast, but then it could have been just a rumor. I am not sure whether that so-called EV11 project has finally transformed into this SUV from Enovate.
Westtiger (Xihu) Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. of Quanzhou, Fujian, which Dearcar acquired earlier this year, has been renamed Fujian Tianji Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (福建天际汽车制造有限公司). The company will be Dearcar's manufacturing arm, in charge of both the Quanzhou and Shaoxing factories.

Tianji is the Chinese brand name of Enovate, meaning 'horizon' or 'skyline'.
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