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Beijing Dearcar (Dian ka) Auto Technology Co. Ltd (site) based in Beijing, with operation centers in Hangzhou and Chengdu, is a tech firm devoted to research and development of new energy vehicle/electric vehicle platforms and smart technologies, and acts as consultant to firms intending to produce EVs. Notably, the company was involved in the development of the Zhima E30 for Zotye.

Dearcar, working with Soueast Motor, has brought forth a new 5-door car called EV10 which, reportedly, will be sold under a recently-registered brand, "DEARCC". The hatchback has a wheelbase of 2400 mm and measures 3692 x 1650 x 1532 mm, so it is pretty similar to the Changjiang eCOOL in size and concept. Propulsion is provided by a 42 kW motor and the car weighs around 1050 kg.



Dearcar-Zotye partnership:
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