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CHINA: Global contest to design new Geely logo
9 January 2007| Source: editorial team

Geely Holding Group is to spend RMB3.6m ($US461.000) on a global competition to design a new logo, the ‘grand prize’ of which will be awarded RMB2m.

“Now eyeing the international market, Geely seeks to establish its further global presence by inviting domestic and international involvement in contributing to the company's new image,” the Chinese automaker said in a statement.

“The criteria of the new Geely logo is set to be symbolically representative, artistic and practical, capable of embodying the corporate concept and spirit of Geely Holding Group, reflecting Geely's ultimate aim to become a national pride of the auto industry and its emphasis on quality, technology and technical accomplishments.

“The entire design should be easy to remember, establishing a continuation to the current logo, yet with a nice artistic touch for the new age. The new logo should also be able to be reproduced easily on all materials for manufacturing and marketing purposes.”

Geely chairman Li Shufu said the company was getting ready for global expansion and aims to export two thirds of its production in the future.

“The company in now preparing proactively in all aspects, including branding, marketing, setting up a corporate culture as well as its overall management, to make way for its position in the international market,” the statement said.

Geely will award a RMB2m “grand prize” for the winning logo, with 10 runner-up''special Geely awards'' of a Yuanjing car.

Winners will be “decided by adjudicators including a team of renowned experts and public involvement” with the selection process divided into four stages.

Geely Holding plans to sell 2m cars annually by 2015, with two thirds exported, for a 2.5% share of international markets.

“By selecting the best design out of a global contest, the company looks forward to positioning itself as an international brand well- received both domestically and abroad,” Geely said.
a lot of talk there, but nothing is being said.:( . another PR bulshit. instead of logo design, they should work on the design of the cars itself instead of looking like imitations that they are. And how hard is it to design a logo??
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