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Hi i have a dfm brought 2nd hand 2010
mini van 10k on the clock

when open drivers seat rubs the stearing well the macencic took a bit out so poor.

Also the window 1 side rattles and is very loose

the local garage doesnt have the tow tool i would have thought would be part of the kit of the car?

Engine mangement light came on and broke down
got towed in.
The machine said problem with cyclinder 3
changed leads seemed to be fine but when driving back the ecu light was flashing and the ecu reader cannot diagnonis when flashing.
Help could it be 1 coil.

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maybe it's a idle problem, those sensors could be better, i had a problem with check engine light and we put two new sensors, from bosch and siemens
now all work ok

also if minivan have 1.1 engine it should have bosch ecu, so any bosch partner can read a fault if local garage have a problem or wrong diagnostic tool
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