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Diar Automobile Company is an automobile company based in Tehran, Iran. Established in 1999, the company manufacturers SUVs and pick-ups under license from China's Changcheng, also known as Great Wall Motors.

Sazehaye Khodro Diar Manufacturing Co. was established in 2000 for the production of vehicle body pressed parts through investment made by private sector. By installation and setting up 6 units of 500 to 2000 tons hydraulic and Heavy Stroke Presses in January 2003, the Company managed to obtain the Exploitation License for body pressed parts.
In line with its developmental plans and recognizing vacant market capacity for pick-up and SUV in the country and in the region, this Company studied the feasibility to co-operate with a few world large vehicle manufacturing Companies to produce these products in Iran. The result of study and negociations with the candidate Companies, led to the selection and conclusion of an agreement with Great Wall Motor of China. GWM Co. is the largest pick-up manufacturing Co. in China.
Following the agreement made with GWM Co. and having obtained the Establishment License for the production of 50,000 units of single and double cabin pick-ups as well as SUVs in 2004, the construction of a 50,000m2 plant in an area of 140,000m2 in Golpaigan township of Esfahan Province has been started. Obtaining the Exploitation License and necessary permits from the Ministry of Industry and Mines, the Standard Bureau, the Environment Protection Organisation and other related organizations, Setad-e-Tabsareh 13 (13th. Note Headquarter) for instance, presently, as the first phase, through setting up of Final Painting Lines, assembling and testing of vehicle and by making use of CKD parts and partly procurement from local sources, has started the production and delivery of Deer single cabin pick-ups.
Policies of the Company
1. To become the largest manufacturing Co. for pick-ups and SUVs in Iran.
2. Production of cars in high capacity.
3. Co-operation with international vehicle manufacturing Companies In the world.

Diar’s factory is located in Golpayegan city in Esfahan province

There are two industrial zone in Golpayegan. One of them is SAIPA industrial zone where Diar factory is located there.

Diar’s Factory is the bigest one (from lands point of view) and will be the biggest one after totally flotation.

Lands: 132,900 m
Constructed Buildings: 4,000 m
Under Construction: 14,400 m
Planed Buildings: 52,000 m

Curently they are producing Deer pick-up under the name Safir.

In the future they will also bring Hover, Wingle and Proteus van.

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Iran Diar Khodro Motor Company general manager Mohammed tower Jihan Lu said, the company has signed Wingle3 Double Cab, and Wingle5 single row and double-cab pickup production contract with China Great Wall Motor Company, the production line of the two cars was 5May 30 was put into operation in Iran.

Muhammad tower the Jihan Lu said Iran pickup car market gaps, according to the study, Diar Khodro company decided to sign a production contract with China Great Wall Motor Company, the joint production of Wingle3 Double Cab and Wingle5 single row and double-cab pickup vehicle. The Wingle series Pique Iran first one has the Euro 4 emission standard commercial vehicles, will attract the attention of many users.

if some one need great wall parts,please to let me know
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