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You will need an old phone for this. It doesn’t have to be expensive; a GSM one with basic functions is enough for this project.

Step 1: Turn on quiet mode
You can either delete your phone's speaker permanently or mute it using the settings. You should also turn off the vibrations, screen lighting, and other features that create noises or light. Simply ensure that the phone is set to the lowest feasible volume.

Step 2. Adjust the phone’s settings
Turn on the automatic network option and the auto-answer mode. The Personal Identification Number (aka PIN) feature must also be enabled. After that, lock your phone's keyboard. This will keep you from pressing it by accident.

Step 3: Connect the phone to your car
Begin by connecting your charger's 12V input to your automobile battery. Make use of the proper cables and wires. If you have a soldering iron, you can use it to make a more secure connection between the wires.

Keep in mind that a 12V cigarette lighter connector contains circuits that convert 12 volts to phone volts. You may also cut these wires as needed and connect the phone to the phone battery in your automobile. Connect your phone's output pin to that of the charger. Now, right behind the dashboard, mount the phone and the mobile charger.

Step 4. Test the new system
You'll need a phone other than the one you've stashed in your car to do this. Dial the SIM card number from the phone you've hidden. If the setup is right, the hidden-auto-answer phone's feature should work as well.

Step 5. In case of theft, report to your local police asap.
Additionally, you should let them know about the car monitoring system you placed. Include critical information in the disguised phone, such as phone number and IMEI code (printed near the battery compartment). From this info, they can track down the thief by using the phone's transmitted signals.
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