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hazik said:
there are Chinese cars in singapore, malaysia, Iran, pakistan, egypt, Africa, south america. What about the Chinese backyard of Hong Kong. Last time I was there in 1997 during the handover I didn't see any Chinese cars, What about now?
As you all know Hong Kong folks are very status conscious and so all the exotic carmakers have sales outlets there.

But Geely also has an office in Wanchai. And perhaps an R&D center. I read somewhere that in June of 2005 it signed an memorandum of understanding with the "Hong Kong Productivity Council" to invest $185 million for the production of a so called "GH1 premium sedan" with 3.0 liter engine. Production was scheduled for the second half of this year. Sale price was to be about Y300,000 (about $38,460).
Geely's partner in Hong Kong is Primustech.

Anyone heard or seen anything of Hong Kong Innovech's two seater lately?


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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