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Does anybody recognize this car?

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This seems to be a car from the early 90ies. Picture was taken in Thailand.
It's a station wagon. Besides the Audi Logo added, some other changes could have been made – the part near the headlamps looks suspicious…

Does anybody have an idea what car it is?


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Great! @ Joest
Thank you very much.

Edit: No, it's not… Headlamps have a different shape, and: on my picture, there seems to be a plastic part at the bottom of the windscreen…
Another mystery car: does anyone recognise this Isuzu-lookalike pickup? It's called "TT Fortigo", but the only results Google gives for that name are used car ads here in Britain.
It's definitely a Chinese Isuzu-knock-off.

I would say that it's one of the numerous Fudy-based pick-up.

But the left-hand drive is quite puzzling.

If there's one man who could solve this, it's Erik!
Too many possibilities:
Jinbei SY1025/ SY1026
Dadi Pioneer BDD1022
Jiefang CA1021Z5
Fudi Lion NHQ1027/ NHQ1028
Tianma Fengling KZ1020/ KZ1021
Tianqi Meiya Landcruiser TM1020
greetings, Erik
Thanks. So it looks as if someone was trying to sell one of those models in the UK but couldn't get the venture off the ground and the stock is being sold off quietly on the secondhand market.
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