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Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.(DFAC) was founded independently by Dongfeng Automobile Corporation by way of public raising of funds on July 15, 1999. "Dongfeng Automobile" shares are listed for transaction at Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 27, 1999. DFAC now has two subsidiaries i.e. Automobile Subsidiary Company and Foundry Subsidiary Company, and several subsidiaries hold by it including Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Yulon Motor Sales Co., Ltd., and Dongfeng Xiangfan Tourist Bus Co., Ltd. etc.

Taking the nucleus of automobile industry — entire car and motive as its main business, the company manly engages in the development, design, manufacture and sales of Dongfeng series of light commercial cars and Dongfeng Cummins series of diesel motors. The main products are Dongfeng light commercial cars, the intellectual property right of which is exclusively hold by the company and the general performance of which takes the leading place in China, and Dongfeng Cummins diesel motors including Dongfeng Xiaobawang, Dongfeng Duolika, Dongfeng Mengka, Dongfeng Star, Dongfeng Xintianyou, Dongfeng Pickup, Dongfeng Lianghua and other types of light commercial cars, Dongfeng Cummins B and C series of diesel motors as well as Dongfeng Meihua casts.

The company's aim in team construction is to cultivate progressing employees, to bring up pioneering leaders and to develop innovative enterprise. The company's concept is Loving Care for Every One and Every Car. The enterprise spirit is Realizing Value of Life and Accepting Future Challenges. The operation philosophy is Credibility with the World and Users Being the First. The company's values is Being Responsible for Shareholders, Users, Employees, Environment, Partners, Society and Nation. With all these, the company has been making progress along a way of profound connotation.

In 1999 the net profit of the company was RMB 0.323 billion which made the company take 30th place among the top 50 listed company of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Among the 1,000 largest Chinese new- and high-tech enterprises of the year 1999, the company took the 16th place.

In 2000 the net profit of the company was RMB 0.373 billion which made the company be listed among the top 50 listed company in China. The company passed the third party authentication of ISO9000:Quality System 2000. Among all Chinese companies listed at foreign stock exchanges, the business achievement of DFAC took 86th place in 2000.

In 2001 the net profit of the company was RMB 0.537 billion. Among all Chinese companies listed at foreign stock exchanges, the business achievement of DFAC took 68th place in 2001.

The net profit of the company was RMB 0.616 billion. The company was confirmed as one of the key new- and high-tech enterprises of National Torch Program (a plan to develop high and new technology) by Ministry of Science and Technology. It passed the third party authorization of GB/T24001 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001 Vocational Health and Safety Management System. Enterprise Management Association of Chinese Mechanical Industry elected the company "Advanced Enterprise of Enterprise Management in mechanical Industry". Chinese Academy of Sciences elected it one of One Hundred Chinese Enterprises with Best Competitiveness (being No.21). Bain Company under the American magazine - Fortune elected the company one of eight Chinese listed companies of sustainable increase in profit. The company took 26th place on the Billboard of Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies (CBT100) in 2002. The business achievement of the company took the third place among Chinese listed companies in 2002. The company's share was elected 180 index share and the company was one of the most influential companies.

In 2003 the net profit of the company is RMB 0.629 billion. The company gained the "3C"certificate and was elected one of Ten Chinese Enterprises with High Creditability. According to Fortune Chinese version of the year 2003, the company took 63rd place among top 100 Chinese listed companies.


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