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Dongfeng Fengon (Fengguang) ix5

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New "intelligent" SUV unveiled today, equipped with Baidu's Apollo IT platform which enables certain interactive and low-level autonomous functions working through the in-car Lin OS 3.0 'Super Smart Link System'. Two engine choices, 1.5T and 1.8 L with outputs of 150 horsepower and 139 horsepower respectively, will be offered. Dimensions not revealed.

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Dongfeng Fengon iX5

Note: FENGON is the new Romanized brand name to be used for SUVs and MPVs from DFSK, despite an English brand GLORY already existing in overseas markets.

Images from ix5 subforum


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Test drive of DFSK F5 in Spain:

DFSK Spain homepage:

Review of Glory 580:

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