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  There is an old saying: "Three years in the new, three years in the old, and three years of sewing and mending." In the past, people's consumption concept was to save while saving, but now it’s different from the past. You pick up your mobile phone to open the orange software and you’re really shopping. 'S has become something that can be done in a flash. The new year is approaching. Looking at the "trophies" hoarded at home, how many are really useful? It's better to save up and buy a car of your choice, such as the handsome and predictable popular SX6! This will not only facilitate your daily travel, improve the quality of life, but also receive envy from your friends and family when you return home for reunion.

  The value of the face is increased, making you the most beautiful boy in the village!

  At a time when consumers in the auto market are becoming younger, the importance of a car's appearance is self-evident, and it has even become one of the "hard indicators" for young consumers when buying a car. In this face-seeking world, a car with a good skin is always more popular, and the Fengxing SX6 is one of them.

  Specifically, the sharp combined headlights are perfectly connected with the air intake grille to create a three-dimensional front face; the split taillights and the horizontally penetrating chrome decoration create a full tail; and the body is full of power. The lines, the whole car reveals a touch of dynamic in its toughness, which is very in line with the characteristics of young families who dare to fight and fight. Let's put it this way, choose the popular SX6, you are the most beautiful boy in the whole village after the Spring Festival, and you can stand the picky eyes of the seven aunts and eight aunts!

  Rich configuration blessings, protect you safely and return home and reunion!

  At the end of the year, the roads are always extremely congested and the road conditions are more complicated, so each of us cannot ignore the safety of driving. And this big seven popular SX6 with a starting price of less than 60,000 yuan, not only the price is exciting, but also the safety configuration is full of surprises!

  In terms of active protection, all models of Fengxing SX6 are equipped with ESP system as standard, which can prevent the dangers such as slipping and rollover that may be encountered on the highway returning home, and the tire pressure monitoring device mounted on it can help you monitor tire pressure anytime and anywhere , Don’t be afraid of nailing while driving, and don’t be afraid of air leakage when you go out. In terms of passive protection, the driver’s seat is equipped with an airbag, which can separate you from the steel bar in an emergency to protect your safety. In addition, it also has a vehicle shell made of 50% submarine-grade high-strength steel, which far exceeds the level of 40% strength of the same class of cars. It creates a copper-walled and iron-walled driving environment for you, which can withstand injuries, be good at fighting, and protect in all directions. Every time you travel. With the blessing of many leapfrog and practical safety configurations, Fengxing SX6 brings a safe and secure travel experience for drivers and protects you from returning home safely.

  Almighty space, no matter how long the journey, you can sit comfortably!

  When choosing a car, young people nowadays, in addition to having extremely high requirements for appearance and travel safety, they also strive for perfection in space and comfort. In addition to the high-value and high-safety features of Fengxing SX6, its large interior space also provides drivers with a good riding experience and abundant storage space.

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of this car are 4720*1825*1790mm, and the wheelbase is 2750mm. Thanks to the excellent body data, the car has a mid-row seat width of 1825mm, and the rear seats support folding, and the two-row independent seats can support the design of front and back adjustment and backrest adjustment, which is especially suitable for passengers. Provides a spacious and comfortable riding space, even if two fat adults sit side by side, there is no pressure, so that each passenger can easily tilt his legs or come to a comfortable Ge You lie down. At the same time, the support of Fengxing SX6 leather seats is also in place, without the sense of weightlessness of collapse, and the leapfrog riding experience, which perfectly meets the riding needs of long-distance travel during the Spring Festival.

  It is worth mentioning that there are as many as 13 storage spaces in the car, and the trunk has a capacity of 950L, which is especially suitable for visiting relatives and friends during the holidays. It will be no problem to load the goods for many years! It can be said that the dongfeng SX6 has a clear understanding of the various scenes that will be encountered when returning home during the Spring Festival, and is fully prepared for you. Whether it is decent, comfortable or safe, this car can give you! Want to return home with dignity and confidence? Then act quickly.
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