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In the evening of October 13, Beijing time, Honda and its Chinese joint ventures, GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, jointly held a launch event for the company's electrification efforts in China, officially unveiling the e:N brand of pure electric vehicles.
The "e" stands for Energize and Electric, and the "N" refers to New and Next, according to Honda.
Two production models under the brand - Dongfeng Honda's e:NS1 Special Edition and GAC Honda's e:NP1 Special Edition - debuted, and they will be available in spring 2022.
Honda also unveiled three concept cars - e:N Coupe concept, e:N SUV concept, and e:N GT concept - whose production versions will be available within five years.
With this launch as the starting point, Honda opens a new chapter of brand transformation toward electrification in China and moves full steam ahead into a new era of electrification.
The "e:N" series is a series of pure electric vehicles built for Chinese consumers with the Chinese team at the center and from their needs. It is worth noting that Honda said that the "e:N" series will be exported to overseas markets in the future.
To support its electrification ambitions, Honda has created the e:N Architecture, an all-electric vehicle architecture.
The architecture is the core of the "e:N" series, integrating a high-efficiency, high-power drive motor, a high-capacity, high-density battery, an exclusive frame for pure electric vehicles, and a chassis platform.
It is available in two different drive variants, "e:N Architecture F" and "e:N Architecture W", with the former being a front-wheel-drive architecture, primarily for mid-size and small models, and the latter containing both AWD and RWD versions, which will be available in mid-size and small models.
The AWD distributes and controls the driving force according to the driving conditions through two sets of high-powered drive motors at the front and rear, while the RWD enables powerful driving and light, quick and responsive handling with high-powered rear-drive motors, according to Honda.
The e:NS1 from Dongfeng Honda and the e:NP1 from GAC Honda, which will be launched next year, will be built on the e:N Architecture F architecture and have a three-in-one high-power motor.
Honda has not announced the specifications of the two midsize SUVs, except to claim that the high-powered motor has a control program that integrates more than 20,000 scenario algorithms and has a range of more than 500 kilometers.
Both vehicles feature a 10.25-inch LCD instrument cluster and a 15.2-inch longitudinal center display, with most of the car's functions integrated into this display set.

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Honda’s new range of electric vehicles, which so far will only be limited to China, will use the new e:N Series branding. The 'e' part of the name references the firm's e:Technology brand, while the 'N' stands for now and next, and represents "new value creation for the next-generation of mobility".
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