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Dongfeng Honda Envix

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This is Dongfeng-Honda's version of the new Crider. [Envix is a name that has been newly registered by Dongfeng-Honda, which I found via a trademark search. The original pictures published by MIIT are tiny, and the name can barely be made out.]

Anyway, the Envix has exactly the same dimensions (L/W/H, WB) as the Crider although the twins do exhibit cosmetic differences. The 988 cc/90 kW engine is the same.


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Envix 'Concept' @ 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show

Previewed as a 'Concept' with blacked-out interiors, but we already know this is going to be a production model from the MIIT Notice. Chinese name is Xiangyu (享域).
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A very neat design of this Envix. I like the white better.
Dongfeng Honda Envix. Please read the headline of your linked article again.

Also: 【图】3月26日上市 新款东风本田享域现已到店
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