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My girl wants me to buy her one of these (with aircon) for a little business her father and her are setting up. All up with tax and insurance they are asking RMB43,000 in Guanddong provence. Does this sound right or a little too expensive - it worked out 4.3 for insurance 3.3 for rego and the rest was the vehicle i think she said. A used one with 20,000K was 26,000 plus rego.
What alternatives are there that are either better value or just better vehicles. I have been a passenger in one a couple of times and i think it is OK for what she wants it for (she isnt going on highway trips with it -just local driving).
i will be happy to hear your comments as we arent going to get it until the first week of April anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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