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Dongfeng Little Prince

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I keep puzzled by the Dongfeng Little Prince.

I asked earlier:
And what about this strange Xinxing factory of Dongfeng in Rongcheng, where the Little Prince (Xiao Wangzi) should be made, but what we only see is prototype after prototype? I there really a factory?

Firefox answered:
As far as the "Xiao Wangzi" of Rongcheng, first of all, I'm sooo sooo surprised that you even know this factory, it's just sooo small!!! Well, I'm pretty sure that it is closed now, or at least the Xiao Wangzi is no longer in production.
But the Little Prince website:
is still on line!

Who knows more???
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lol thats one of the longest domain names ive seen, and they have a site just for that 1 car? :confused:
fate of Little Prince

Don't know a lot about Dongfeng Rongcheng but it did have a technical tie-up with Hyundai. And according to the website it has some 30 dealers in China. But Dongfeng also has a stake in Yueda Kia which is related to Hyundai and maybe this little Prince operation was seen by Dongfeng as a duplication of effort to make and sell small cars.

Whatever the case it seems no one ever told the marketing department that ads that show a sedan driving through seaside water are not the best message to consumers.....nor easy on the life of undercarriages.

Rongcheng is just across the Yellow Sea from the Korean peninsula and so Hyundai was active there. They licensed Rongcheng Huatai (an old FAW subsidiary) to build some of their vehicles including the Sante Fe SUV from last December.


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Little Prince was still alive and kicking in December, 2005

I was busy looking for DongFeng information and I found a photo, which was uploaded December, 2005 to the website of DongFeng Special website. It shows a production hall where workers apparently put together a green and a white passenger car which look very much like the Little Prince.

I am not allowed to post links here yet, but it starts with 3 w-s and then it is followed by the dfxxtq and com words

I think the Dongfeng Little Prince cars are interesting because of their plastic bodies. I tried that URL that was spelled out but it doesn't seem to work.
Yes, the site is down many times, so you have to be patient :)
It seems the safety performance of Little Prince was put to test. According to text published at Dongfeng's official site (and translated with Google Translate) the car performed well despite 'non-metallic body'.

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Are these Dongfeng Rongcheng models still in production? The last news posted on the website was dated 2006......
The website is not accessable (April 2008); I tried it several times...

Seems like there are (were?) two versions of the Dongfeng Little Prince - one which grabbes styling clues by the headlights of a gen III Hundai Accent and a second version, hwich uses the head- and frontlights of the former Daewoo Lanos. Still, the bodywork is different...
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