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Luxgen U7 SUV officially discontinued in China (mainland):

The Luxgen U7 SUV and S5 sedan has had no production or deliveries in 2018; last production of both were in December 2017. Just 180 units of U7 SUV and 142 units of S5 sedan were shipped from the factory in all of 2017. Retail sales to the consumer were 65 units of the U7 and 57 units of the S5 till June 2018, from stock.

Dongfeng-Yulon remains one of the worst-performing car JVs in China.

In Taiwan, the picture is bleak as well for these two models: 43 units of the U7 and 176 units of the S5 have been delivered this year (up to July), although one could argue that Taiwan is anyway a much, much smaller market.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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