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Dongfeng's new Mengshi (猛士) brand will manufacturer high-end electric off-road brand, targeting personalized high-end user groups. With the brand concept of "fearless and conquest", developing a new MORV electric off-road vehicle platform, differentiated layout, and exploring the construction of a high-end off-road cultural circle. The construction of the new project factory has started on January 18. The project covers an area of 485 acres and includes three major sections: the advanced intelligent manufacturing center, the off-road base, the headquarters office and the commercial exhibition center. With a total construction area of 96,000 square meters, new supporting facilities such as welding workshop, painting workshop, final assembly workshop, test center and experience center, off-road experience track and test track will be built. The planned production capacity of the project is 100,000 vehicles, and it is planned to be put into production in 2023. It is expected that the Dongfeng Mengshi off-road truck will be produced under this brand-name.
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More information: The brand is codenamed “M.” They are planning three cars for now: the M18-1, M18-2, and M18-3. The first car, M18-1, is nicknamed the “pure electric version of the Warrior.” These vehicles will be based on a new “MORV electric off-road vehicle platform,” developed by Dongfeng. Production is set to start in 2023. The M18 will be equipped with a level 2.5 driving assistance system, an 800kW (1070 HP) motor that can accelerate from zero to 100 kph in less than 5 seconds, has a cruising range of 500km powered by a 140kWh battery pack with a fast charging time of only 27 minutes, according to Dongfeng. The power consumption per 100 kilometers is 26kWh. The vehicle is positioned as a large 6-seater SUV with a length of 5,200mm, the M18’s curb weight is 3100kg. Earlier in November 2021, Dongfeng announced the price range would be 600,000-700,000 RMB (94,000 – 110,000 USD). The annual production capacity will be 20,000 vehicles for the M18-1 and M18-2 models in the first phase. In the second phase, the annual production capacity will be 50,000 vehicles further to increase the M18-1 and M18-2 models to 38,000 and add 12,000 M18-3 models. According to Dongfeng, the monthly sales are expected to be around 4,160 units.

Petrol Dongfeng Warrior:
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Electric motor that will be used in Mengshi vehicles:
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Dongfeng to launch EV off-road M18 with 1070 HP and 5.2m length

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Dongfeng launches electric off-road brand M Hero, unveils two concept vehicles - CnEVPost

Dongfeng officially unveiled the brand, called M Hero, and its two concept vehicles, M-Terrain and M-Terrain S, at a launch event on August 27 in Wuhan, Hubei province, where it is headquartered.
The M in the name M Hero is the initial of its Chinese brand name in pinyin (Mengshi) and also has more meaning, the automaker said.
The M stands for the brand's military vehicle DNA, as well as Man, Marvelous and Mission, according to a press release.
The H in the name stands for High-tech, E for Electrical, R for Reform and O for Off-road, the company said.
Dongfeng created a hard-core logo for the M Hero that looks like the letter M, saying it was inspired by the helmet armor of ancient warriors.
Dongfeng said M Hero will have a new business model and operational processes that will respond quickly to market demand.
Dongfeng will support the development of the brand with the entire group, and the first product will enter the market from 2023, it said.
The automaker unveiled the brand's two concept vehicles, M-Terrain and M-Terrain S, both based on the M Tech intelligent off-road architecture, at the launch event.
The architecture is China's first integrated technology solution for luxury electric off-roading, Dongfeng said, adding that it comprises three hard-core technology clusters:
The skateboard off-road platform MORA, which is China's first electric off-road skateboard platform.
The MEGA-POWER, which uses a four-motor front and rear drive, is China's first power platform with more than 1,000 horsepower. It features the world's first two-speed transmission with integrated differential lock, wheel-side torque of over 16,000Nm, and accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds.
M-ATS, an all-terrain intelligent solution, can intelligently select the most ideal off-road mode according to different environments and can realize "Crab Walk Mode".
M-Terrain is also equipped with an intelligent drone system, intelligent security system, and L3 driving assistance system, according to Dongfeng.
It is worth noting that Dongfeng has been preparing for the launch of the brand for at least a year.
In September 2021, Dongfeng chairman Zhu Yanfeng said at a new energy vehicle conference that the company would launch the M brand in 2022.
On January 18, construction of the brand's factory began, with production scheduled for 2023.
On July 28, Dongfeng said the off-road brand will have a proprietary industrial park with a planned capacity of 100,000 units, with production scheduled for 2023, Dongfeng said.
The 485-mu (323,300-square-meter) campus, with a total floor area of 96,000 square meters, will include a manufacturing center, an off-road base, headquarters offices and a commercial display center.
The park will have supporting facilities such as a welding shop, paint shop, final assembly shop, test center and experience center, off-road experience track and test track.
Dongfeng is not the only car company that has plans to launch an electric off-road model. BYD also plans to launch a high-end brand this year, and the first vehicle will be a hardcore off-road vehicle.
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