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Dongfeng Sokon K07S

Another new K-Series van, this one an upgrade/refresh of the K07II (not to be confused with the "New K07").
With an infinite sequence of numbers being available, wonder why they are recycling "07" over and over again!


For reference:
"New" K07:
Original K07:


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Dongfeng mini van/dfsk

Hi i have a dfm 2010 model
its before 2011 the dfsk which took over
but is 99% the same

it's 6 years old i have owned it 2 years
17k on the clock

And i'm always having issues
Have sorted the brake switch and replaced the reversing switch
Now i have power steering issue

Seems hard 1 way but then switches to the other

Don't want to change the assembly as its £550 plus fitting at £150-£200 labour
181 - 200 of 227 Posts