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Dongfeng Sokon (Chongqing Yu'an)

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Yuan Group is a large motorcycle parts manufacturer operating since 1986. In 2005 Yuan designed a Suzuki -based minivan and joined Dongfeng Group. Dongfeng Xiaokang is a modern looking minivan with a BMW style kidney grille.

Yuan Group website:

Introduction of the group:

"Chongqing Yu’an Innovation Technology (Group) Co. Ltd is a big scale high-tech civil-run enterprise locating in Shangqiao Industrial Zone, Sha Pingba District Chongqing, which incorporates the research, production, sales of motorcycles, cars, shock absorbers and auto engines. The affiliates of the group include Chongqing XGJAO Motorcycle Co. Ltd, Chongqing Chang’an Shock Absorber Co. Ltd, Chongqing Yu’an Import and Export Co. Ltd. Chongqing Yu’an Huaihai Engine Co. Ltd and Chongqing Yu’an Racing Sports Club etc.

Yu’an group has 300 professional technician talents and more than 3,400 technician workers and has been implementing the develop strategy of multiplex support system and now it has the ability of producing 5,000,000 sets of motorcycle shock absorbers, 300,000 sets of car shock absorbers, 300,000 units of motorcycles and 100,000 units of mini vans. The annul amount of engine production is over 100,000 units.

Yu’an Group can be successful in the fierce market competition all depending on its more than 19 year’s shock absorber research, nearly ten year’s development and long-tested assemblage and sales of complete products. The group broadly absorbs the advantages of others and gathers all-around elites in the fields of production, technology research and sales. On the way of insisting reform and innovation, Yu’an Group consolidates step by step and creates numerous brilliant achievements.

We still have a long way to go, and we must continue to work hard. Yu’an Group believes “development is the key”, “Grasp the best chance to paint the beautiful future”, Yu’an, the vessel in China shock absorber and motorcycle fields, main force of auto industry, will have a bright future."

more pictures at:
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Re: Introducing; Dongfeng Yu'an

chinese petrol engine seems to work very well

are the spare parts simply to find?
and what you can say about the rust and corrosion?
engine is suzuki based f10a engine, for now we don't have any complains about engines, according to new plan from dfm i think new 1.0 gasoline engine with 51 kw will be enough, temporary in offer are 1.1 with 38 kw and 1.3 with 63, i think 63 kw is too much for such small truck, in italy there is quite big dealerships network so i am sure that there is no problems with spare parts

about spare parts, there is no problems with them, usually we got basic service parts on stock, while all order we order thru dhl, air cargo or sea order, depend how many spare parts we order

about rust and corrosion, personally i would like to buy plastic cargo-liner protection, like you can buy for pick up's,in last two year i drive many goods which damage my cargo area,but it still look ok after such hard usage, also there can be better protection at some connecting parts, but as i got information from new versions all is updated, by list which i got there is over 100 changes on the vehicles

with suspensions there is also no problem, for now i don't need to replace shock absorbers, semi-axles or something else, it's good only to replace chinese tires with better quality one
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DFM mini auto

I think this DFM Mini auto is good.

Friends can search for it and see.:)
Re: Introducing; Dongfeng Yu'an

Here you can check out and see what we are doing in the Channel Islands.

Genuine DFSK Islander Minivans - i have had my demo vehicle for 6 months now and it is very very good, considering the low price.

It has run faultlessly and starts and stops every day !

It is just like a Suzuki Carry.

We are placed outside the UK and EU and can import / export at tax free prices.
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Re: Introducing; Dongfeng Yu'an

in poland, european most famous courier delivery DPD put dongfeng minivans in their range :thumb:

here is also one photo of my double cab from daily country usage, we hope to grow new 50 walnut threes :D
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Dongfeng minitruck starts production in Thailand

Dongfeng Xiao Kang, a well-known minitruck model of China, has been put into mass production in Thailand to address rising local demand, the company announced on Thursday.

The factory, located in Gateway Industrial Estate in Cha Choeng Sao province, is estimated to produce 5,000 units of minitrucks per year, Pitaya Tanadamrongsak, managing director of DFM minitruck (Thailand), Dongfeng Motor's exclusive dealer in the country.

He made the remarks after sealing a loan deal worth 1 billion baht ($3.2 million) with Kasikorn Bank.

The factory aims to enhance productivity and meet rising market demand, he said, estimating that the sales of Dongfeng minitruck this year would reach 3000 units, a rise of 90 percent from 2011.

The establishment of a production base in Thailand would also fulfill the DFM's desire to expand business across the wider ASEAN market, according to Patchara Samalapa, executive vice president of Kasikorn Bank in charge of the SME Division.

"When the ASEAN Economic Community is completed in 2015, Dongfeng minitrucks, while based in Thailand in terms of production, can be exported freely to other ASEAN countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc," he said.

Apart from DFM, other China-based auto-makers like Cherry and Lifan are also preparing or considering switching from importing to production in Thailand. But it seems to be a long way to go. Statistics provided by Kasikorn Bank reveal that despite a 52 percent year-on-year increase in sales last year, Chinese cars only account for 0.4 percent of the Thai market.
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Re: Introducing; Dongfeng Yu'an

How do I get DFM parts in Europe and Algeria 。thanks

Few days ago I visited Paris autoshow. There were only Dongfeng cars from China. I didn´t find another chinese cars ...
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here is a minibus :D:thumb:, so fun to drive, especially with friends inside


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here is a propaganda video...from V series
News from Italy
VEM (Sokon) 4x4 version with 3rd lockable differential
with the same performance of 4x2 unit

this photo was taken at Rimini Ecomondo Exibition
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new dfsk V series from germany with 4x4 kit, really look amazing
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i made a video for all new models presented at auto shanghai 2013

this winter i had lot of fun with my mini bus...hahaha, it's only rear wheel drive but with good tires we handle it, i also rent this car couple of times, especially for local country tourism, in first year usage i make between 10.000 km with this bus, it spend between 6/7 liters of gasoline, even with A/C on
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