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I'm not sure which Dongfeng sub-division will make this, but nothing comes up using search "E80", so maybe a new van?:
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The main images are the Dongfeng Yufeng van that's been around for many years, there's a thread for it on the site here: Dongfeng Yufeng series
I think not too long ago Dongfeng was planning to make Yufeng a van/commercial/truck brand or something and expand the lineup in the same way that Forthing is a 'separate' brand?

The most interesting thing in that MIIT post, which I didn't spot on my browse, is tucked away in the bottom right of the third image - that's a brand new and weird face I haven't seen before! It'll probably be a facelift of the current model since it's included in its listing. It looks a lot like the face of some of the newer mini trucks that have been listed recently.

Another note: the back doesn't say E80, it says EBD (as part of ABS+EBD, noting it has having antilock brakes and electronic brakeforce distribution)
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