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Drifting events in Shenzhen

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to the site, thought I would join up as I am moving to Shekou, Shenzhen soon and need to do some research.

Basically I am having to sell my 200SX S13 which I have had for many years and its really painful to do so, I cant move to China and not drive so need a bit of help.

Firstly I need to know how much I should expect to pay for an import S13/S14? I know the taxes can be huge for non domestic cars?

Second, are there any drift days or events organised in Shenzhen? Everyother sport seems to be making its way into China so surely something must be around?

Any help or advice you can give will be greatly appreciated! :thumb:

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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