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fm.illuminatus said:
Chery (from looking around these forums and doing some research) actually may be decent as chinese cars go, and unlike every other chinese car I've seen, may have import potential. (The designs are original and don't look half bad.) But, 19K for an unproven car with unproven quality from china? That will be a flop. Maybe if they started around 12k, they could work their way into the market. Hey, even BMW was cheap when it first came out in the United States, but as it became proven as an excellent car, it went up dramtically in price, and people were willing to pay it. Now if BMW had entered the United States at a luxury price, it never would have got off the ground.
Agreed. That Malcolm Bricklin sounds like a bullshit spitting salesman. I think he has his heads in the clouds sometimes.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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