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Mfr.: Ningbo Century EVA Motors Co., Ltd.
Established: 2014
Founders: Henry Wang, Jason Shao.

Brand: EMBuggy
Model: Vintage, Angel

Dimensions: 3300 x 1830 x 1560 mm
Wheelbase: 2400 mm

The vehicle, reminiscent of VW "Beetle"-based dune buggies, was (reportedly) developed with help from some former Chery engineers. The fiberglass body is mounted on a steel chassis. The Vintage series consists of 3 versions powered by 812 cc, 1083 cc, or 1498 cc engines. Power output is limited to <15 kW for Europe. The Angel is an electric version carrying a 15 or 25 kW motor. Top speed is ~90 km/h.

The company is based in Yinzhou district of Ningbo and maintains an overseas sales office in Wales.

1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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