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The Maestro van was made in China until around 2002 by Etsong. Etsong being a tobacco producer, didnt really have the nessercery knowledge to make cars, or the will to do so and soon sold their car making assets onto FAW. FAW werent really interested in making a nearly 30 year old car, so they soon put a stop to it after taking over. The factory appears to have changed hands again, this time to GM-Wuling. The Maestro has been out of production for a few years, but a plucky Chengdu based company has started up production again, putting a certain amount of truth into the phrase ‘you cannot keep class down‘

Chengdu YeMa (Lit: Wildhorse), a coach/bus builder, has put the Maestro van back into production, with a few cosmetic updates; notably, bull bars front and back. The Maestro van was turned into an MPV by FAW (I believe).

The latest incarnation of that Maestro van does not use the A or O series engines from MG-Rover, instead, the Austin van has been equipped with a 1.5 engine from the Chinese engine manufacturer Jiangsu Rui An, the 1.5 lump produces 65kw of power.

We’ve heard pricing will start from 100k RMB, but that seems like a lot of money for a car of its age, although the pedigree behind it surely would make it almost worthwhile?

source: China Car Times
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