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European importer for bulk orders

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I run a carshop where we use alot of VAG original part and would like to get in touch with a Asian seller that would export the products to us. We spend around 1500euro/month on these kinds of products as of today and would like to have a stable supplier of these, preferrably with partnumber-search.

Please contact me on direct-message only.
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New relations with buyers-sellers of automobiles

Hello to all

I'm glad for this enthusiast forum, I see here many members and visitors together.
As my request is partially my presentation, those who deal or want any vehicle, either import or export, wherever. May have contact by e-mail on: w a e m c o (at) g m a i l . com => without spaces.
To be viewed and discussed, supply and demand, suggestions and solutions, trade and business, by our office.
Do not hesitate to get in touch.
Hope to join new partnerships.

Best of all
EEC italian market

I am looking for a shareholder who wants to invest with me in Italy on the market of electric cars approved for the European market.

I have the availability of a car dealership with attached mechanical workshop. The car dealership is located in southern Italy and we can extend the business in the neighboring markets.

Anyone interested can contact me with a private message.

thank you
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