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Car expertise in dealing with used and used cars is essential to prevent financial loss because statistics show that about 72% of used cars have at least one technical defect or body. An auto expert is an expert and experienced person whose job is to check the health of all parts of a car, including the body, technical part, engine, gearbox and gearbox, options and accessories. The car inspection, if done accurately and completely, will determine the true value of the car. Apart from the car model, the number and type of car options are other important factors in determining the car expert price.

What is a car paint expert?

Each car has a fabric color in the factory, which is also mentioned on the car card. This paint may be damaged by various factors such as accident, scratches and scratches using keys or sharp objects and impact. Some sellers do not cover this defect if it is minor and notify the buyer at the time of sale. But unfortunately some other sellers cover this problem to increase the price of the car and do not talk about it with the buyer. This is where the car expert can use special tools and his knowledge and experience to detect the discoloration of the car and inform the buyer. In this way, financial losses to the buyer will be prevented before the transaction resumes.

Can the color of the car be detected with the naked eye?

The advancement of car paint tools in today's world and the increasing skills of car painters and painters have made it relatively difficult to distinguish car paint with the naked eye. However, some car experts can reveal this secret while doing car expertise by using certain tricks. In cases where staining has occurred mainly, it is relatively easier to detect using the working eye. One of the main signs when car paint expertise using the eye is the presence of color differences in different parts.

This color difference can be detected by distancing yourself from the car and comparing the colors of its different parts. You should do this in a place where there is no bright light from the dealership or company and the car is in natural light. You can also take photos of different parts of the car and compare their colors to better distinguish the color difference.

In addition, there are some parts of the car that should not have color in them. Parts such as the tailgate and hood edges, car door edges and sealants are not fabricated in any non-uniform color. But what happens when paint is sprayed on the car body is that part of the paint penetrates these parts and as a result produces a non-uniform surface. Seeing this sign can help detect the car's discoloration with the naked eye.

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