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From China car Times.

May 10, 2011
First Automobile Works are reorganizing their brand portfolio once again, they own the Hong Qi (Red Flag), Besturn and Xiali and Weizhi brands, now FAW are aiming for the Besturn brand to target at the mid and high-end market priced above 100,000 yuan in future, and the Changchun-based automaker will launch a new brand to fill the wide gap between Besturn and Xiali brands, said Cui Dayong, deputy managing director of FAW Car Sales Company.

FAW sold a record high of 132,000 Benteng cars in 2010, making it a rarely successful locally-developed brand in the mid and high-end auto market. The outstanding market performance of Besturn leads to FAW’s rethinking about the brand’s market positioning. Benteng’s existing products (B50 and B70) have covered the price range between 100,000 yuan and 180,000 yuan, and the brand is expected to challenge the 200,000-yuan level next, which is a ceiling never reached by locally-developed brands.

Due to the positioning adjustment, the B30, an A0-segment car planned to launch under Bestern brand, will change the plan and be launched under the new brand. B30’s style is similar to Hyundai Verna and Kia K2. The car’s price range is expected to be between 70,000 yuan and 120,000 yuan. The concept was shown at the Shanghai Auto Show. The car will start mass production at the year end at the soonest and reach the market in 2012. According to an analyst, it’s possible for the new brand to gradually replace FAW’s low-end brands like Xiali and Weizhi.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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