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Re: 2013 FAW Besturn SUV

The spy pics look like a blend of Toyota RAV4 and Lexus RX350. Not exciting or attractive. Already been there, seen that. The 2011 Shanghai concept has limited interior space and an odd looking exterior.

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More Details of FAW’s Besturn X7 SUV Revealed:

The mass-market version of the X concept from the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, the X7 shares platform with Besturn B7, a mid-size sedan derived from the first generation Mazda6. It has a 2780mm wheelbase, only 10mm shorter than that of the current GAC-Toyota Highlander, but exceeds the latter by 90mm in body length (the numbers need to be confirmed at the upcoming auto show in Guangzhou).

The X7 inherits powertrain options from Besturn B70, provided with 2.0L/2.3L engines and 6MT/ 6AT. Its suspension system consists of double wishbones at the front and multi links in the rear.
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