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Namibia: Tycoon Welcomes Chinese Bus Deal

Petronella Sibeene

Prominent business baron Harold Pupkewitz has welcomed the initiative by the Namibia Contract Haulage (NCH) Company and a Chinese automobile company FAW to establish a joint venture.

The two have gone into a partnership in which they intend to assemble Chinese vehicles and machinery to be sold locally and outside Namibia.

This week, NCH and FAW signed a memorandum of understanding that cemented the deal to establish such a facility in Namibia.

Pupkewitz views the venture as an opportunity for employment creation and skills transfer to and for Namibians.

The business tycoon also warned that such a development might have certain handicaps. "There is need to assemble (vehicles) where skills are abundant," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the directors of NCH Elias Shanyengana said the venture will collect its yields and will thrive especially that pricing will be a third of the purchasing price from other dealers.

The plant will manufacture different types of sedans such as Jiaxing, Xiali and Hongqi, luxury buses and coaches, light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and mining machinery. Vehicles such as the tipper trucks are in great demand especially in the construction industry. So far, only the NCH itself has purchased 12 big buses and 10 tipper trucks. The company has also invited Namibians to place their orders.

While he could not indicate the price range for these modern vehicles, Shanyengana says affordability was the primary cause for the signing of the memorandum of understanding. This factor will make the manufactured automobiles highly competitive, he said.

"We will penetrate the market region-wise and this will also set Namibia at a different level," he added.

Depending on the response from the Namibian and SADC markets, the two parties might further engage in other mutually beneficial agreements given FAW's Asian experience in road construction and property development sectors.

FAW started in 1956 and is headquartered in Changchun. The company makes use of the latest technology to ensure a competitive edge in the market.
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I've never heard of a such country. That's not a good start.
a neighboring country to south africa,i have been involved with the pupkewitz group trading comodities for many years

Where there is a problem and one can find a solution,one will also find profit
TS, FAW join to make lithium-lion powered bus

March 11, 2009
Shanghai, March 11 ( ThunderSky Energy Group, a leading Chinese producer of lithium-lion power battery for automobiles, has secured a deal with Chinese auto giant FAW Group to jointly make three lithium-lion powered bus models, said today.

The three bus models are the commercial bus, lithium-lion powered luxury bus and lithium-lion powered city bus models, which will go into mass production later this year in the Changchun and Wuxi manufacturing bases, in northeastern province of Jilin and eastern province of Jiangsu, respectively.

The big bus powered by the ThunderSky (TS) lithium-lion battery is reportedly able to run 300 kilometers at 130kph after a 20-minute recharging, with each 100km consuming only 18kw power.

ThunderSky has its R&D headquarters in southern Chinese city of Shenzhen and its leading production base in Jilin's provincial capital of Changchun, which is home to FAW Group. The lithium-lion battery maker is also planning to build its manufacturing bases in many other parts of the country.

Located in Shenzhen, ThunderSky is a manufacturer of lithium power batteries for motor vehicles and high-power machinery. The company has built joint ventures in the U.S. and Finland to supply the European and North American markets. A Taiwan bus company also uses the TS lithium-lion battery for its urban buses.

As the optimum power for mobile energy, the TS lithium-ion battery with its high power, high capacity and high voltage is regarded as the ideal energy replacement of auto fuel to achieve energy efficiency, low emissions and environmental protection.

Pics of FAW at:


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FAW BUS AND COACH(wuxi)Co., a subsidiary totally owned by FAW BUS AND COACH CO.LTD. Founded in 1959,it became an enterprise directly under CHINA AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY CORPORATION in 1981 and was put under CHINA FAW GROUP CORPORATION in 1986.

Located between Shanghai and Nanjing,Wuxi is a Large-sized city of Jiangsu province with convenient transportation and comprehensive industrial level standing in the forefront of the country.

Wuxi Automobile of Product in the Domestic Automobile Industry automobile production technique and the professional works of mass production of the tourist coaches with back diesel engine. The quality and the market coverage of our product the imported. Through the automobile joint ventures become a great challenge in recent years, the comprehensive strength of our factory occupies a leading place in domestic field.





Presenttaion of Hongqi CA630


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