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FAW , BYD and WULING in EGYPT !!!!!

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Well , The chinese Invasion continues

FAW cars now are localy assembeled at GHABOUR Factories in Egypt which are used to produce/assemble the Hyundai Accent / Verna .

GHABOUR is one of the biggest names in car dealers /factories in Egypt , he's HYUNDAI best selling dealer in the middle east and he got a new dealership of the MAZDA , yet only selling Mazda 3s .

FAW cars for sale in Egypt including 2 sedanes and 3 pickups :

and for the first time they user thier real chinese names :D

FAW Xiali N3 - 1.3 - $8500
FAW ANGEL 1.1 -$7500

and some Some pickups taht didnt intrest me

The N3 looks like complete crap to me to be honest , headlights of an old lanos ... some sorta GEELY MR look to it .. havent seen it in real , yet I have no idea how such a car would replace the 1999 Hyundai Accent that is still being assembled here.

Anyways Just reporting the news :D

the Importer of CHERY , CIG made an advertisement todays about some really wierd looking pickupes with SWGM (General Motors Engines ) 1.0 to 1.1

BYD has been in Egypt for a year or more now , selling thier Flier and its face lifted one .

Now they are selling the BYD F3 ( A Toyota Corrolla / Honda City inspired :D car )

1.6 Mitsubishi engines comes in 2 models
selling at $11,000 and 13,000 .
but I never saw one in the streets .

SPERANZA/CHERY alliance is KILLING the market here :D
Chery A5s ARE reserved until Decemeber 2007 from now !!!!
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did u see any pics of the ANGEL model?!!
and where did u get these prices from
also do u know when will these cars be available in the market?!!
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