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FAW concepts for 2008 Auto China

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FAW V70. I'm not sure whether this is only a concept or a production vehicle. Nice looking minivan though.

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Interior of V70:

Interior really looks cheap and outdated. Radio for example still has a casette player!?
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Info about V70 from
V70 (CA6390), the brand-new mini bus, is made and developed for three years by FAW itself. The front/rear track of new Jiabao is 1350/1360mm, and wheelbase 2500mm. The new Jiabao is available with a kind of VVT engine with displacement of 1.3 liters producing max power of 60kw and max torque 110N.m, and emission of which is Euro IV version certified.
Current FAW van lineup.

FAW CA6371:

FAW 6350:


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These FAW show cars are real ugly. Chery, and even Geely, are designing some very attractive cars recently (of course part and build quality is another matter). Why can't FAW design some compact cars with attractive styling that people would actually buy? It appears like FAW's R&D still has a long way to catch up.
Um.. They have. They designed a lot of VERY attractive cars. You really should actually read some NEWS before you open your mouth.
FAW Besturn beat all of these ugly concepts
Faw-vw Is A Big Company With Bad Follow-up Services!!!!!!!
Yes, in China's auto industry "Big" and "follow up" don't seem to go well together. But for FAW, its new Mexico venture will be the acid test.
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