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FAW J6 Super Heavy-Duty Truck Goes Into Market

"FAW held a ceremony of super heavy-duty truck J6 in workshop on July 15, 2007. Huaren Sheng, who is the member of NPC Standing Committee, Ming Wang, who is the secretary of Jilin province, attending the ceremonoy.

As a heavy-duty truck that faces to the Chinese future market, J6 is one of the truck masterpieces that merged much high-tech. The product has the unique quality in the field of safety, comfort, economy, reliability and environmental protection. The power system of J6 is equipped with CA6DM1 engine, which is independently developed by R&D Center of FAW. The max power of the 12.5L engine is 460 hp. At present the engine can meet emission standard of Euro-III, and it is capable of meeting Euro-IV in the future. More than 300 terms independent innovation and 197 patents were used during the R&D process.

J6 is one kind of truck using many high-tech achievements. Moreover, it has suitability in the aspect of laws, and keeps the same pace with world advanced heavy-duty trucks. J6 can fully satisfy the requirement of the national related laws and regulations that issued at present and next five years, president Yanfeng Zhu pointed out. J6 is the latest developed product from FAW, which already reaches international advanced level. As a new generation of Jiefang heavy-duty truck, J6 undertakes a significant historical mission; it not only leads the development of our country’s high-end heavy-duty trucks in the future, but also utmostly needs to meet the customer’s future demands."

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Handsome truck :thumb: Chinese are much closer to western competitors in truck and bus technology. China is a big country with long distances between cities and a need for transportation of people and goods has always existed. I'm sure FAW will be a big player in the future in Europe and Asia.
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