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FAW's Jiefang Commercial Truck Division Launches J6M Premium Tractor

FAW Group's Jiefang commercial truck division officially launched its new J6M premium long distance heavy tractor on July 15. A monumental occasion for both China¡¯s truck industry and the country's oldest and largest commercial truck manufacturer, the impressive new J6M is the first premium world class heavy tractor to be independently designed and built by a Chinese truck maker.

The handsome new J6M is available with a wide range of fuel efficient high-horsepower engines from FAW Jiefang Truck's Wuxi Diesel Engine division, with displacements from 8.6 to 12.5 liters producing 350 to 460 horsepower. All engine models feature four valve per cylinder head design for improved engine breathing and optimum air-to-fuel ratio for more complete combustion. Possessing the advantages of responsive power, quiet operation, low fuel consumption, and reduced emissions, all engines are Euro 3 certified with Euro 4 versions under development.

A variety of synchronized Eaton and ZF long-haul on-highway and off-highway transmissions are available from 9 to 16 speeds to suit any application.

Unlike its competitors based on obsolete western designs, the J6M puts China on the global stage for the first time as a serious contender in the premium long distance truck segment with established brands from Europe and the United States. Customers may choose from multi-leaf or parabolic steel spring suspensions, or Wabco electronically controlled air suspensions (ECAS). Optional Wabco Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and low weight air disc brakes improve road safety while lowering operating costs. Available as a 4x2, 6x2 (pusher or tag axle configurations) or 6x4 tractor, the all-new J6M represents the latest in cutting edge heavy truck technology.

The J6M's aerodynamically efficient two-bed high-roof cab provides outstanding driver comfort and driver-friendly ergonomics with an attractive and functional wraparound dash that places all switches and controls within easy reach. The infinitely adjustable tilt and telescopic steering column positions the steering wheel with gauges clearly in view. The cab's spacious stand-up interior offers excellent freedom of movement and abundant cabinet storage. The over-size windshield and impact-resistant exterior sun visor, combined with seat placement and dash design, has been optimized to give drivers exceptional visibility while reducing glare. The innovative 4-point full-floating spring/hydraulic cab mounting system offers reduced vibration for improved stability and driveability, thereby reducing driver fatigue. The advanced climate control system provides quiet but powerful airflow with even distribution throughout the cabin. The J6M's optimized cab structure, minimizing noise levels and vibration, meets European ECE R29 safety standards.

Leading global suppliers to the J6M include Continental's ContiTech Division, Eaton, Hankook, Jost, Mann+Hummel, Sachs, Spiralock, TRW, Wabco, and ZF.

FAW Jiefang Truck Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAW Group. The company produces a wide range of light, medium, and heavy trucks; diesel engines, transmissions, and axles.

FAW Group is a leading global manufacturer of quality passenger cars, trucks, and buses. Established in 1953, the company is China¡¯s oldest and largest automotive group. Annual sales exceed one million units.
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