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FAW Oley

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3 managed to get first pictures of what is supposed to be FAW Besturn newest and smallest car. It will probably get the name B30:

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Re: FAW Oley (Besturn B30)

I can't believe they would even consider launching this car. Can't they see how ugly this car is? It varies from very ugly in the front, side and wheels, to incredibly ugly in the rear and interior. And based on the ancient 25-year old A2 Jetta platform? Why? FAW is the only China carmaker with a legitimate R&D center. They impress with their commercial truck designs. But why can't they design cars? As we approach year 2012, many Chinese brands now have some attractive looking cars (Chery, Great Wall, ect.). This car will be damaging to FAW's reputation in the entry-level car sector, just as their Xiali brand always has been. It's time for FAW to seize its capabilities, catch up and move forward.
FAW Oley - The cheap ugly car with the 30 year old Jetta platform that they can't even give away. What were they thinking???
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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