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mgrovernut said:
Some questions:

1.) Would Daimler want the Chinese to get Chrysler technology?
2.) Would the USA want to see jobs go East?
3.) Will Daimler feel under pressure to sell to GM?

Ford allegedly refused to sell Aston Martin to Geeley because of point 1, I think there will be just to much pressure to stop the Chinese getting all of Chrysler. However if GM want Jeep and Dodge, then perhaps Chyrsler itself will be up for grabs?
1.) Daimler Chrysler are already in a joint venture agreement with Beijing Autos to manufacture a few models, namely the Jeep and Mercedes
2.) Probably not
3.) Isnt GM a hairs breath from going under? Im sure there is some pressure to keep Chrysler 'American' but seeing as the Germans already have it what does it matter anyway?
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