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Re: FAW V1 (TFC-M1 and TFC-M2)

I just saw this at the Nanning international auto show recently....and yes folks, Nanning does have a real auto show now! It's not a 'A list' show like Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou, but definitely a good 'B list' show, similar to something like Chengdu. Anyway, just saw the V1 (in red - great color for the car) and it is VERY cute and capable looking little car! Design lines are similar to what we've seen in the C1, but on a smaller scale - the V1 might be a sub-compact, but it has a confident stance to it. The interior is also very nice - it's simple but clean and has a modern, uncluttered look to it. It also doesn't have that "cutesy" aspect to it that the QQ3 has - it's more "mature" for lack of a better word. I also LOVE the fact that if offers a AMT - FINALLY more manufacturers are figuring out that the consumer likes the convenience of a auto trans in a small car! IF there's one complaint I can make's the fact that it has a bench rear seat, and not a 60/40 split. I know, I harp on this issue a lot - but WHEN will the manufacturers figure out that a 60/40 split rear sear is NOT a cost-intensive option to put in a hatchback???:mad: That IS one advantage that the QQ and the Panda have over the V1.....enough of a advantage that a family with 1 child will probably choose the Panda/QQ over the V1 because they can still put down part of the rear seat for carrying things, while still being able to have the child in a safety seat. Riich is making the same mistake with the M1/X1, same with the BYD F0. OK, I'm past that now..........with the exception of the rear seat issue, the V1 is a GREAT little car, attractive inside and out and offers a AMT option - I'll be very curious to see how they price it for the market. My guess is 35-45,000 rmb.......right in there with the Panda/QQ3/CV6/F0 crowd. It's going to get even more crowded next year with the new Hamia ME and JAC A0.........just amazing how competitive the sub-compact segment of the market is now! :thumb:
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