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Article about Xiali 2000:

A new style of Xiali 2000 car of with new Hi-Fi system and improved tire will come to the market a few days later, At the same time, in some distribution shops the Xiali 2000 with original equipment slides its price for average 3,000 yuan.

When Xiali 2000 went down from the production line last year, the executive officers just expressed that the company would release new styles with different equipment. During the first 6 months in 2000, the Xiali 2000 had been sold 10,000 units and also get a great deal of useful feedback information. Now the new car mentioned above applies wider tire which increases frictional force with ground so as to raise the safe guaranty. The Xiali 2000 with new tire has a brilliant and cool lineal appearance. Besides, the new Xiali 2000 changes the original cassette recorder into CD player, which has been very popular today. It's very exciting that the new car 's price is still at 13,2980 yuan.

New Xiali 2000 appears in the market, how about the old? In the last week news press of "Xiali 2000 Long March Skill Competition", the vice general manager of Xiali Auto Sales Company Lin Hongsheng was sure that the price of Xiali 2000 would decline due to the components local manufacturing. Only after the end of the news press, original Xiali 2000 in some distributors has been lowered 3,000 to 12,9980. One distributor said that his plan is to promote the old style sales by lower price then return the capital for new styles which is going to be popular in consumers.

During recent one year, new cars came out one by one. Xiali 2000 and Saiou(from Shanghai GM) are the real roles who break up the silence of China auto market. However, those two kinds of car are still not similar in the methods of market promotion. From the market situation, the Shanghai GM have known that the multilevel price of one kind of auto is not fit Chinese people's consumption ideas. One the contrary, Xiali 2000's steady market strategy has gained a good result.

Tianjin 7101EML:


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