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Re: FAW-VW Bora R (2005MY)

phaeton said:
Hi Mitch,

Is there any reason why you want the Chinese ones over a Euro version (different size or style etc) ?

Try a VW Dealer I believe they can order anything from around the globe within the VW Network.

Just be wary with any dealing on the forum; nothing is guranteed ;)

They never did a Bora 'R' in Europe. The Golf R32 has fog lights in the headlights so you never got grilles for the R32 bumper that had the fog light cut outs.
My 1.8 turbo Golf has the R32 bumper but I want to use these grilles as feeds for cooling my brakes as my car is used on track. I could order them via TM Tuning in the USA for a small fortune, but I'm trying to source it directly as nobody in the UK can find part numbers for these.

VW UK seem to think no other parts in the world exist other than VW UK parts...or at least my local dealer thinks that......
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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