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BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - FAW-VW, Volkswagen's joint venture with First Automotive Works Corp, plans to more than double sales to 600,000 cars by 2011 from 277,300 last year, the China Daily reported.

The projected sales figure would comprise of 450,000 VW-branded cars and 150,000 under the company's Audi brand, the newspaper said.

The venture, based in northeast China's Jilin province, hopes to have 10 pct of the Chinese market by 2010, the newspaper added.

In the first eight months of the year, FAW-VW's sold 175,585 VW-branded and cars and 52,091 Audis, making it the country's third biggest automaker, the newspaper said.

The venture expects to sell 352,000 vehicles in total this year.

It also plans to expand its product line-up.

'We will launch at least one new model every year to meet growing market demand,' the newspaper quoted An Tiecheng, president of FAW-VW, as saying.

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VW China JV with FAW Sept sales up 12 pct mth-on-mth at 32,235 units

BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - FAW-VW, Volkswagen's joint venture with First Automotive Works Corp, said it sold 32,235 units of sedans in September, up 12 pct from a month earlier.

Sales of its VW brand were up 13 pct month-on-month at 24,443 units while the Audi brand was up 6 pct at 7,792 units, said the venture in a statement.

No year-on-year changes were provided.

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FAW-Volkswagen sees 2006 sales at above 270,000 units

SHANGHAI (XFN-ASIA) - FAW-Volkswagen, the joint venture of China's First Auto Works and Volkswagen AG, expects 2006 unit sales of over 270,000 units, compared with around 220,000 in 2005, FAW-VW Automotive Sales Co Ltd vice president Kevin McCann said.

Speaking on the sidelines of an automotive forum in Shanghai, McCann told XFN-Asia, 'I think we are well on track to see above 270,000 Volkswagens out of FAW-Volkswagen.'

The numbers do not include autos produced by Shanghai Volkswagen, the German company's venture with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC), he said.

McCann said that the two Volkswagen ventures collectively holds the top market share in China, although Shanghai General Motors - a joint venture between General Motors Corp and SAIC - had greater unit sales than either of the individual Volkswagen ventures

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FAW VW business news (sales results, forecasts, revenues,...)

BEIJING (MarketWatch) -- State-owned China FAW Group's vehicle sales in the January-November period grew 21.6% from the same period last year to one million units, government data showed Tuesday.
In November alone, the group sold 111,000 vehicles, up 9.1% from the year-earlier period, the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council said in a statement.
The auto group, based in Changchun in China's northeast, has joint ventures with both Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE) and Toyota Motor Corp. (TM).
China FAW Group is one of the country's top three auto-making groups by output, along with SAIC Motor Corp. and Dongfeng Motor Corp.
In the January-November period, China FAW Group's passenger car sales rose 30.1% from the year-earlier period to 814,619 units, the statement said.
FAW-Volkswagen Co., a 50-50 joint venture with the German car maker, posted a 49.8% surge in car sales during January to November to 308,213 units, the statement said.
Marketing reforms, cost reductions and the launch of new models helped boost the venture's sales, the statement said.
FAW Toyota Motor Co., a 50-50 joint venture with Toyota, sold 19,017 cars in November, bringing its car sales in the first 11 months of the year to 205,915 units, up 58.6% from the same period last year, the statement said.
Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co. (000927.SZ), an economy-car maker, sold 180,376 units in the January-November period, up 5.2%.
China FAW Group also sells trucks and minibuses.

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FAW-VW sees 25% profit rise this year

Volkswagen sees 25% profit rise this year

"Volkswagen AG's joint venture with First Automotive Works Corp (FAW), one of the top Sino-foreign car partnerships, expects its 2007 profits to climb by at least a quarter, helped by brisk sales and cost-cutting efforts. The venture, FAW Volkswagen, in the northeastern city of Changchun, will have a "minimum" profit growth of 25 percent this year from 2006, said Joachim Wedler, its vice-president in charge of finance.

But Wedler didn't reveal how much the firm - in which FAW holds a 60 percent stake and Volkswagen 40 percent - will earn this year. Weiming Soh, the venture's sales chief, said it plans to sell more than 400,000 cars this year, up from 350,000 units last year.

In the first five months, its retail sales jumped by 25.1 percent year-on-year to 173,218 units, making it No 3 after General Motors' venture with SAIC Motor Corp and Volkswagen's other partnership with SAIC. FAW Volkswgen's June sales are expected to exceed 40,000 units, Soh said.

The company's bold profit and sales projections came amid blistering growth of China's vehicle market. Sales of all China-made vehicles increased by 22 percent to 3.65 million units from January to May, including 2.12 million passenger cars, according to industry data. In the first four months, combined profits of the top 16 Chinese auto groups reached 18.1 billion yuan, rocketing by 51.3 percent.

Wedler said FAW Volkswagen will use more locally made engines and spare parts to cut costs. "We are shooting for a very high localization rate to have more financial power to beat competition," he said, without elaborating. Competition in China's passenger car market has been heating up with price incentives and product launches. Carmakers offered some 50 price cuts in the first five months of this year, according to data from FAW Volkswagen.

An Tiecheng, the venture's general manager, said it plans to roll out at least two new models under the Volkswagen and Audi marques annually in the next five years to woo increasingly sophisticated buyers. Audi is the luxury car unit of Volkswagen. The venture will launch a Volkswagen Magotan large-sized sedan next month. Its current lineup includes Volkswagen's Jetta, Bora, Golf, Sagitar and Caddy as well as Audi A6 and A4."

- China Daily

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Sino-German carmaker FAW-Volkswagen sees output, sales soar

Sino-German carmaker FAW-Volkswagen saw both its output and sales soar more than 45 percent in the first half of the year, said sources with FAW Group Corp.

FAW-Volkswagen, based in northeastern Chinese city of Changchun, produced 231,465 vehicles in the first half, up from 158,871 in the same period of last year.

Meanwhile, the joint venture sold 219,494 vehicles, up 46.5 percent, with monthly sales in May and June hitting the front in the domestic market.

Sales of the Audi cars made by the company rose 27 percent to 48,716 units in the first six months, while sales of the luxury Audi A6L, the long-wheelbase version of the A6, topped 100,000 over the past 21 months after its market launch.

Last week FAW-Volkswagen produced its two millionth car, a Sagitar, becoming China's second sedan producer to reach the milestone after another Sino-German joint venture Shanghai Volkswagen.

It took the 16-year-old FAW-Volkswagen 13 years to make its first million cars, and about three years to build the second million.

China's first Sino-foreign carmaker Shanghai Volkswagen, established in 1985 between Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and Volkswagen AG, produced its three millionth car in 2005.

Source: Xinhua

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FAW-Volkswagen to Build Passat CC in 2010.

FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., a China venture of German auto giant Volkswagen AG, will start the production of Passat CC in 2010, said sources.

The new car will become the top-ranking model in the venture's product portfolio. It just made its global debut at the Detroit show in January 2008, and is scheduled to become available in Europe in the second quarter of 2008 and in North America in the fourth quarter of this year.

The model has come out on the Volkswagen PQ46 platform, just like Magaton, another China-made model. It is the first four-door coupe product under the brand of Volkswagen.

It combines the design of coupe and the comfort of car, and that is why it has been named as CC (Coupe + Car), citing information on the Volkswagen website.

It has a body measuring 4,796mm in length, 31mm longer than ordinary Passat B6, 1,856mm in width, 36mm wider, and 1,422mm in height, 50mm lower.

In North America, the model will be equipped with 2.0 TSI engine, whose horsepower maximum stands at 200hp, or 3.6L FSI engine, whose horsepower maximum stands at 280hp.

In Europe, it will be installed with DSG (direct-shift gearbox), the world's first dual-clutch automated manual gearbox.

Its price has not been known yet since the model has not hit the overseas markets. It is expected to be higher than that of ordinary Passat B6 in terms of configurement, said analysts.

Once FAW-Volkswagen, based in the northeastern province of Jilin, kicks off the production of Passat CC, the brand recognition and volume of Magaton will be driven up greatly.

In addition, Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., the other Volkswagen venture in China, will likely make Tiguan, the latest SUV model under the Volkswagen brand, and Skoda Super.

In recent years, Volkswagen has made much progress in localization in China, the world's second largest auto market. Earlier this month, it has started the construction of a gearbox factory in Dalian, a port city in the northeastern province of Liaoning.

The project, with a total investment of EUR 200 million to EUR 300 million, will have a designed production capacity of 300,000 DSG gearboxes a year.

Such gearboxes will be installed on models by FAW- Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen, such as Magotan, a medium- and high-grade sedan model, and Tiguan.

The factory is expected to be put into production in 2009. It will face the engine plant in the city jointly set up by the German titan and its partner China FAW Group Corp.

Passat CC:


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FAW-VW cuts Magotan, Sagitar output for New Bora.

September 18, 2008 - The second plant of FAW-Volkswagen (FAW-VW) has began cutting jobs and the production of the already high-stockpiled Magotan and Sagitar cars to give way to the upcoming New Bora model, reported Beijing Times today.

FAW-VW's second plant has cut 700 production-line workers, mostly fresh graducates, interns and hourly workers for the reason that Magotan and Sagitar underperformed in the first half sales and dealers are facing pressure of heavy stock, a dismissed intern told the newspaper.

Some production lines of Magotan and Sagitar at the second plant has been suspended and the trial mass production of FAW-VW's key model New Bora has started, sources said.

The New Bora, combining VW's latest design concept with Chinese elements, was unveiled at the 2008 Beijing auto show as FAW-VW’s all-new A-level car. The new model is about to go on sale and has received orders since August 8.

Actually, most automakers now have cut jobs and output more or less, but they will not make it public, said Zhongshi, a famous industry analyst. Besides FAW-VW, it is reported that Changan Ford Mazda Automobile has suspended production of Mazda3 in its Chongqing plant from July, and Changan Ford also cut production largely and about 2,000 jobs.

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VW to launch revamped Jetta, Golf in China in 2009.

November 12, 2008 - Volkswagen AG's joint venture in China will launch revamped Jetta car and six-generation Golf in the local market, the Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

Citing an informed source, the report said FAW-VW, a joint venture of China FAW Group and Volkswagen AG, is preparing for production of the new Jetta.

"The new Jetta will come with a brand new look next year when it is launched, " said the unnamed source. He added that although the current Jetta Wagon is very popular, the wait for a next-generation model will be long.

FAW-VW has refined the car once in 1996, five years after the car started local production in China, while at markets overseas the fifth generation was debuted in early 2005.

The joint venture will too manufacture and sell the sixth-generation Golf in late 2009. The car made its global debut in concept form at last month's 2008 Paris Motor Show,

The China-made new Golf will likely carry the 1.4L and 1.6L TSI gasoline engines. And the six-generation Golf GTI will be imported to China for sale. The all-new Golf will start production in Europe in the spring of next year.

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Re: FAW VW business news

FAW VW to use China-made DSG on new models

January 09, 2009

Shanghai, January 9 ( Volkswagen has started to mass-produce its direct-shift gearboxes (DSG) in northeast China for new models of its Chinese ventures, said local media. FAW VW will use the locally made DSG transmission on its Magotan, Sagitar, and New Golf models in 2009.

The Magotan may be the first FAW VW model to be equipped with the China-made DSG. Recently the DSG-fitted Magoton had its trial run on roads. This year, FAW VW will equip more of its new car models such as Sagitar and New Golf with the locally made DSG transmission to replace the current 6-speed automatic/manual transmission.

Like the manual transmission, the DSG transmission conveys the power from the engine to the gearbox by using the clutch, and thus it is more likely to achieve energy efficiency than the conventional hydrodynamic coupling convey. This will greatly help the vehicles equipped with the DSG reduce the fuel consumption.

The DSG will be mated with the TSI engine to cut fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by 20%. As part of its fuel-efficient power-train strategy, FAW VW will introduce TSI technology after the DSG production in China. Chinese customers will benefit from the energy-economy vehicle driven by the TSI+DSG power-train.

Chinese DSG production is an important part of VW's hybrid strategy targeting to reduce emission and energy consumption as well as to improve the local production rate of essential components.
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