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Old Jetta still remains popular :)


Chengdu Plant Starts Making Jetta

"German carmaker Volkswagen AG has found a second site in western China to make its Jetta, one of the oldest but best-selling passenger car models in the world's second-biggest vehicle market. A plant in the southwestern city of Chengdu, wholly owned by Volkswagen's partner FAW Corp, started assembling the compact sedan on Thursday with an initial production of 24,000 units a year, the German group told China Daily.

The previously idle factory will add to the line of a joint ventures between the German and Chinese carmakers in the northeastern city of Changchun that's producing the Jetta, other Volkswagen models and Audi vehicles, with a total annual capacity of 600,000 units. Jetta cars made in Chengdu, to be marketed by sales networks of the joint venture, will mainly target the western market in China, Volkswagen said.

Top executives from Volkswagen and FAW said the move follows the central government's call to speed up development of western China and will take the Jetta closer to buyers in the region. The model, produced in Changchun since 1991, has been the top seller for many years despite competition from new models launched by other carmakers. In the first half of this year, Jetta sales climbed by 3.4 percent year-on-year to 97,547 units, accounting for 45 percent of the joint venture's total sales. But no full-year sales goal for the model has been revealed. In 2006, Jetta sales hit 176,800 units.

Ya le Zhang, director of Greater China Vehicle Forecasts for US consultancy CSM Worldwide (Shanghai) Ltd, said the Jetta is well-received by Chinese buyers for its "excellent durability" despite being a very old model. "The model has a good price value and fuel economy. It's also easy for maintenance due to a high localization rate," Zhang said. The 1.6-liter Jetta retails between 71,200 and 100,600 yuan. Over 90 percent of its spare parts are locally produced.

"Jetta's persistently strong performance indicates that car demand in China is very diversified," Zhang said. He said production of the model in western China will help boost its sales further as there is huge growth potential for car demand in the region.

China sales of Volkswagen, which has another tie-up with SAIC Motor Corp, surged by 24.6 percent to 431,369 cars from January to June, maintaining its two-decade top spot in the country's passenger car sector. Winfried Vahland, the group's China chief, said earlier this month that it aimed to move more than 800,000 cars this year in the country, up from 711,298 units last year."

-- Xinhua --


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Re: FAW VW Jetta

oo4load said:
Come on VW, it's really time to stop producing these ancient, unsafe cars! Beneath the new plastic is still 1985 technology, just like the Chery Amulet.
Sry to tell you buddy but you have now idea what you are talking about-
a The Jetta was never unsave in any kind of way
b The Jetta here in China is a updated version of the Jetta Generation 2 wich means not 1985
c The Jetta is a working horse here in China and that for a very good reason Price as well as quality are very high for a car of this generation
dThe jetta has absolutly nothing in common with any Chery Product what so ever
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