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FAW-Volkswagen Tayron

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FAW-VW displayed an unnamed future vehicle, described as Advanced Midsize SUV, at the VW brand event today. It is said to be similar in size to the new Tiguan L.

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Tayron X priced:
【图】售23.58万起 一汽-大众探岳X正式上市_汽车之家

2021 Tayron:

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Obviously not.

Please take a minute or two to carefully read the article (maybe followed by a few more minutes of corroborative research on the net) before jumping headlong into the forum.
@CCF mod, it showed a Teramont X and not a Tayron X when originally posted as a "Talagon X" in its own thread. You can see that the post has been edited. Moreover, you can check the post history, compare the versions, and see that the article URL has been changed.

P.S.: I was only trying to tell "Chinese LSEV" to be a little careful, because he confuses car models every so often. I know because I too used to post hastily in my early days on the forum and end up with egg on my face.
Hey Dmitra,

I want to apologize a bit for misposting cars. Google doesn't always translate the article correctly, and the names of cars appear all odd. The article calls the Volkswagen "Tanyue" and there's no model called Tanyue. That is why I get confused with some models. Mostly, its the Volkswagen vehicles that get me confused, but also others do too. So I'm sorry for that. But I also want to thank you for your gentle corrections. You have been very nice in helping with correctly identifing the car, which I am grateful for.

So thanks again, and apologies. I will try to do better.

(I am posting it here because it won't let me start a conversation)
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No need for apologies, friend, for you have neither hurt anybody nor anybody's feelings. If you are confused by Google Translate, you may use the Chinese name on Image Search, or use Autohome's native search box to see which car turns up. If you are still not sure, you may post the picture on the forum and ask others to identify the vehicle, while expressing your doubt. There is absolutely no need to hurry and make a post -- this is no news website where you must file a breaking news report otherwise your editor will have you fired!! This is after all a good car forum, and visitors/readers would expect one who posts, and creates new threads, rather frequently to at least get the basics of a car correct. (Of course, someone is free to counter-argue that this is no encyclopedia, so why bother with correctness at all?)


I do have one pet peeve though, and I may have talked about this here on previous occasions -- that has to do with translations. I would urge members to avoid putting down translations as names of vehicles ("names" meaning marques, models, variants, or editions). A car name is a proper noun that is decided upon by the manufacturer (or seller, if not the manufacturer), and there is no reason to assign strange words to vehicles only because that is what Google Translate throws up. This is not 2007 when people used to come up with things like "Kingbox"; today there exist enough resources on the net to correctly transliterate Chinese (or other foreign) names. We do not say Opel Star, Fiat Type, or Maserati Fourdoor, do we? If, however, there is an official English/Roman-script alternative publicized by the manufacturer (be it a translation, transliteration, or totally different word) by all means use that. My criteria are that the name should appear on the body of the vehicle or be used by the originator company in publicity material, official press/news releases, or primary-sourced literature (such as annual reports) published by the company.
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